HOLLYWOOD—Well, at long last, Holly has spilled the truth on “Days of Our Lives.” Yes, Tate’s nightmare ended after Holly confessed that Tate never gave her drugs, it was something she ingested herself. It was a secret that Eric has known and pushed his stepdaughter (work with me on that verbiage because that is how he sees her) to confess the truth.

Well, Holly did just that during the shindig after Jude’s christening, spilling the truth to Brady, Nicole and EJ. Brady of course was livid and lashed out per usual. Nicole and EJ were a bit more understanding as the teen felt pressure not to make Nicole feel as if she was failing as a mother. Now that I think about it, there hasn’t been much character development with Brady as of late. He seems to be angry at someone all the time.

EJ was forced to drop the charges against Tate and the teen is now back at home and smitten more than ever with Holly now. There is just one slight problem, Nicole and EJ and Brady and Theresa. They don’t want the teens to be together at all because the relationship is viewed as toxic. Have to agree, Tate and Holly just aren’t good for one another. However, they are still sneaking around. This brings us to the burgeoning bond between Brady and Theresa. They weren’t good together all those years ago, but both have matured significantly since so who knows.

One thing for sure, Kristen and Alex are jealous. Kristen has always wanted Brady and will do any and everything to ensure she has her clutches on the man who she deems her ‘soulmate.’ Alex, I have no clue as to what he’s doing. Theresa wanted to be with you and you severed ties. Now granted, Theresa’s intent was to get money from Alex by helping dupe Victor’s paperwork to make it appear that Alex was the long-lost son, but it’s actually Xander.

It would be wise for Theresa to disclose the truth because when that secret comes out it is going to hurt her more than it helps her. It is pertinent to highlight that Konstantin is tapering off his grudge against John Black for killing his daughter Catharina. He has noted he has forgiven John for his misdeeds, but that seems way too good to be true. So precisely what is Konstantin up to and what will be the fallout once his deception with Theresa is exposed. Fingers crossed by May Sweeps those details finally come out.

In other big Salem news, EJ was forced to cut a deal with Stefan who was about to expose his brother for trying to usher him out of the country for shooting Harris. Yeah, it looks like Stefan got the upper hand on his brother after speaking with Chad. Stefan is proving he is indeed a DiMera at the core. The good news is he kept Ava out of the fire taking all the heat for peddling drugs and laundering money for Clyde. However, Harris knows Stefan was the one who shot him, so why would he keep that secret knowing that it hurts Xander who is being framed for a crime that he didn’t commit?

The motive there is just not clicking for me unfortunately, so I’m hoping the other ball drops at some point so I can make sense of what is unfolding. The big event in Salem was Jude’s Christening, where Leo was ready to confess all, but kept his mouth shut because he is still receiving money from Sloan. As a result, Leo is just further entrapping himself for chaos when the truth about Jude’s parentage comes to light. Leo, Sloan and Melinda are going to be the town’s pariah when the truth comes out.

I mean Leo, you’ll be out of a job when Chad discovers you duped his brother EJ into not only thinking his son died but lying about the child even being his. Sloan will be disbarred, and Melinda will never work in law again. Nicole is bonding with Jude each time she gets the chance to hold her, and it is just a matter of time before Nicole and Eric reunite. They are already sharing a few hugs and moments that are reigniting the bond between the two.

This will only bring out the worst of the worst when it comes to EJ. Not only will he lose Nicole, but he’ll discover he has been made a fool of. That is not something he takes lightly people, not at all and when EJ unleashes that wrath there will be hell to pay in Salem. Good times are headed to Salem.