UNITED STATES—In less than a few days the biggest feast of the entire year will be upon us, Thanksgiving. Last week we chatted about preparation or the big day, but it now dawns on many Americans, that turkey day 2020 will NOT be like those of the past. Why not? COVID-19 is the reason people. Rather you believe in the pandemic, if it’s a hoax or not, people in this country have contracted the disease and people have died from it.

With that said, this is the first time in years I can actually say, we’re not hosting a big Thanksgiving feast with the family. It will be small and it will be quaint. One of the big reasons is I have had several family members contract COVID-19 in recent months with their conditions being quite serious and as a result the family just does not want to take such risk, especially with my grandfather who is 98, and other family members who are more susceptible than others.

It does suck in a way because there are family members I literally have not seen or spoken to in years, I guess that would be a direct flaw on my part as well. It is not like I don’t have a phone that I can pick-up and dial someone? I could, but I’ve become so caught up in my own world and focused on trying to juggle so much with work that I just plain forget, and it’s not an excuse America, I can do so much more to keep in touch with family. That cannot be harkened more than now because none of us know when our time is up on this planet, we can never take tomorrow for granted even though, so many of us do, time and time again.

I remember when we were kids, my parents used to host this massive Thanksgiving feast, where we would bring both sides of the family together. My dad’s side and my mother’s side, it used to be so many people in our house I couldn’t believe it, but it was fun times, you get to congregate, socialize and reminisce about hilarious times that you may have forgotten about or didn’t realize how impactful they were on your life.

Yeah, Thanksgiving is about the food, no one can kid themselves about that, but at the same time, it’s a holiday that allows you to bond with family, friends and the people close to you in your life. I think so many of us take that for granted we don’t tell people who we care about that we love them and we appreciate them being in our lives and it begs an even bigger question: why not? What are we so afraid of people? The four-letter “L” word? We should be we’re talking about family here, so it should be even easier for us to say it.

Yes, Thanksgiving 2020 might be more intimate than what it has been in previous years. It might be your immediate family and not the extended family, but guess what that is fine and dandy people. You can still do Zoom chats, face-time and chat with loved ones on the big day, showing off your bakery skills or your kitchen skills, we all know some are better at savory compared to sweet and vice versa. The point being we can still bond. Yes, things are unpredictable and a bit chaotic in 2020, it is unlike anything we have ever seen, but that does not mean we cannot celebrate the holidays America, I mean, we deserve it don’t we?