HOLLYWOOD—It has been the day that “Days of Our Lives” fans have been eagerly waiting for: the return of Abigail Deveraux. I mean she witnessed her entire world turned upside down thanks to her long lost sister Gwen, who wanted to make her sister pay for her father’s transgressions. As a result, Gwen poisoned Abigail, blew up Jack and Jennifer’s marriage, slept with Abigail’s husband Chad, and then got pregnant with his baby. That was not the kicker: she lied and said Abigail was responsible for her losing the baby when she tumbled down the stairs.

Too bad that was all a lie, Gwen had already lost the baby and now the truth is about to be exposed. She has gotten very close to Xander, but how will Jack react once he learns his daughter lied about her miscarriage? You better believe he’ll be upset, but for Abigail it’ll be her opportunity to exact her revenge. This is all playing out while Chad attempts to save his marriage. I mean he did cheat on his wife with her sister, so how can he expect her to just forget that as if it never happened.

After a never-ending whine fest, Abigail agreed to return to Salem, just as Gwen continued to spin her web of lies to Jack. I actually thought she was going to tell the truth, but when she envisioned how Jack might respond she came up with the wildest lie that she had been sleeping with Dr. Synder and he was one of her clients. Gwen, you’re digging a whole so deep you will NOT be able to dig out of. I’m so happy Abigail is back in town because if there is anyone who can blow Gwen’s world apart it is going to be Abigail and I could see her former foe Gabi helping her in the process people.

Xander, Xander, there are plenty of people in the town of Salem you can play with and not face repercussions. If there is a family you don’t want to test, it is the DiMera clan, especially EJ DiMera. EJ wanted that million dollars back and he wanted it in a hurry. When Xander couldn’t produce because it was stolen by Bonnie, EJ threatened to toss him back in jail. Zander scoffed and got a beating courtesy of EJ who proved he was NOT messing around people.

Let’s talk about Bonnie people, because she inadvertently murdered her sister Calista, who held her at gunpoint, if we’re being honest it was self-defense, but the fact that she covered it up made the situation worse. So now she is relying on the man that she was marrying, Justin to bail her out of a dicey situation where it is not looking good people. Philip is still threatened by Brady and his pursuit of Chloe, just as Gabi and Jake continue to push their plot to take him down. While this is happening, Rafe is juggling his relationship with Nicole and Ava, who does have a jealous eye people.

Julie is facing an uphill battle with Doug who appears to be suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We’ve seen this trend on several soaps already, “The Young and the Restless” and “General Hospital” who both delivered sensational storytelling. So if “Days” is going down this similar route they have big shoes to fill people. Johnny is busy working to get funding for his new film project that is expected to focus on his mother Sami much to EJ’s dismay. A bit of truth looks to shake the Brady and DiMera family as secrets about Johnny and Allie’s mother and their family linkage is slated to come to the forefront in a major, major way people.