ACME Bricks Delivered To Protest Sites

UNITED STATES−Random deliveries of pallets of ACME Bricks have been reported in cities in California including, Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks. A Los Angeles resident reportedly found a stash of rocks in front of the bus stop on Ventura Boulevard.

According to reports, the bricks were not all delivered near construction sites. In some places, they just appeared. No witnesses reported seeing them delivered.

The shipments of bricks were delivered to various locations and would-be protest sites including Boston, Fayetteville, Dallas, and New York.

A Florida resident reported stacks of bricks in West Palm Beach under the I-95 overpass last week.

Public Servants Hit With Bricks

Social media footage shows police officers carrying heavy stacks of bricks away. People left comments accusing the policeman of placing the bricks in specific locations.

Secret Service agents were hit with bricks by protesters outside The White House on Monday, June 1, while those inside the establishment including President Donald Trump were on lockdown.

The bricks were delivered by the ACME Brick company. According to reports, Berkshire Hathaway and Bill Gates recently stepped down from the Board of Directors at ACME Brick.