HOLLYWOOD—I swear it really feels like the character of Adam Newman is carrying the narrative on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” for the past few months. Everything that has been transpiring of interest has revolved around the black sheep of the Newman family, Adam Newman. Adam was just livid and full of rage after Chelsea decided to leave him. As a result, he decided to implement some crazy plan involving the Newman Enterprises building where someone was going to be targeted.

Chelsea saw those schematics, and as a result Adam had her kidnapped, drugged and locked away in a room people. Almost everyone in Genoa City with a brain could tell Adam was responsible for Chelsea’s disappearance, hence, Chance questioning his pal, following him and taking a bullet as someone aimed for Adam. Yes, the great whodunit is back in the mix: who shot Adam Newman. Well, when hasn’t this been a storyline America because it seems the number of times Adam has been shot at and almost killed I can no longer keep count.

Chance being shot, going thru surgery and surviving only strengthened his bond with Abby as the two are slated to walk down the aisle very soon. Well, it’s about time because it seems Abby has been so unlucky in love people I cannot describe it. She may have finally found her knight in shining armor people. Now sail off into the sunset. With that said, Rey was convinced Adam was responsible for the shooting against Chance, he’s close, but not super close.

Adam was the target, and while so many people think Billy Abbott is responsible, he’s not the guilty party people. He’s a red herring and Billy has EVERY RIGHT to want Adam dead, he murdered his daughter and didn’t face any consequences for it. Billy wants Adam to take a fall, but he didn’t shoot Adam, my money is on Faith. Why? That story that Chancellor Communications unleashed about Adam and the making of a monster did a number on Faith who is spiraling people, not in a good way to say the least. Drinking, lying, what’s next drugs? Faith is not so innocent anymore and her new pal Jordan seems to be taking her on a wild and dangerous ride.

There is other news to discuss involving Theo planning to sue the Abbott’s for his claim on Dina’s estate. So I guess Kyle was right, his cousin is up to no good and he’s met with Brittany about options in terms of suing and has let Sally Spectra in on her plan. Sally, did you not learn anything about keeping secrets in Los Angeles? I mean c’mon you’re in a new city, don’t make the same mistake twice. Sally has already raised blinders for Summer, who thinks the new gal is up to no good. Summer should focus on rather she loves Kyle or not, because these two and their relationship are making me so sick America, I’m over it.

Amanda and Devon are still getting close as friends of course, but we know that will soon change, especially with Elena FINALLY admitting she has had feelings for Nate for quite some time. Hello, all of America could see she was more into Nate than Devon, she finally realized it as Nate was considering leaving GC. Not sure, where this relationship will go, but we should give the two something to do right?  Chelsea is still lying to herself about who Adam is, just as Chloe is trying to get her bestie to see what is staring her right in the face. One minute you love Adam, the next minute you hate him Chelsea, make up your mind already.

Do I think Sharon is a possible hiccup? Yes, but she seems happy with Rey, but I sense those two may not get the happily ever after we expect, time will tell “Y&R” fanatics!