HOLLYWOOD—So Adam Newman now knows the truth on “The Young and the Restless.” He is the father of Sally’s baby. Damn, I was secretly hoping Nick was the father of the child, but the “Y&R” writers I just knew this would be the outcome. I will admit I LOVED what the writers did with those flash forward/prediction scenes where a bevy of outcomes were in play for Sally depending on who the father of her child was. The writers really toyed with the viewers in those scenes people.

Nick Newman is indeed a standup guy, staying with the woman who kind of cheated on him with his brother, and now she is carrying his baby. Just think about it for a second, if Sally never slept with Adam, there is a strong chance that Nick may have been the father of her child, not Adam. This might be good news for Adam who feels his world is slightly falling apart. He is losing his grip on Chelsea, Connor, Sally and his family, and with this new baby soon arriving, you can bet Adam has sunk his claws into Sally and plans to do so moving forward for the long haul.

Adam spilled that news to Chelsea, who is certain to let Billy know, who seems to be in the trenches when it comes to his life as well. He’s getting closer to Chelsea by the minute and I expect a romance is heading out way. With that said, Jack is flirting with the idea of Billy returning to Jabot. Yeah, how many times have Billy had his hands at the driver seat of the company and nearly run it into the rubble? Yeah, I don’t think that is bright people.

Over with Jack and Diane they have an old threat to focus on: Jeremy Stark who is back in Genoa City and made it clear to Diane that he’s waiting to strike dropping a sinister envelope at the Abbott estate. Looks like Jeremy is getting under people’s skin including Chance who realized Jack and Diane played him like a fiddle. Jeremy is nagging Phyllis to join forces with him in his quest to bring Diane down, but Phyllis is smart at the moment resisting Jeremy’s tactics, but this is Phyllis we’re talking about people. Phyllis tends to be her own worst nightmare people. However, if viewers were questioning rather Diane and Jack were in it for the long haul, look no further as he proposed to her! Moving way too fast way too soon, but this might be the thing that forces Phyllis to align with Jeremy to stop Jack from making what she considers a horrid mistake.

Daniel was forced to bid farewell to Heather and Lucy who left GC. It looks like his romance with Lily is starting to move in the right direction. How so? The two nearly shared a lip lock, but pulled back. Oh, I cannot wait to see this happen for these two who I’ve always wanted to see reunite. Lily has other stress on her mind, as the war between her and Devon is heating up. He wants his company back and is suing Chancellor Winters to regain that control.

Nate is trying to insert himself in the middle of something that news flash, he actually caused. Abby and Elena are also attempting to diffuse the situation, but it looks like things are going to get a lot worse before they get better people. Lily makes a move that ruffles some major feathers with Devon and the battle with the family company that one is trying to keep reunited, while another is trying to separate it.

Nate is continuing to play with fire as he and Victoria share steamy kisses at the office. What’s the problem? Someone is close to discovering the truth by the name of Audra Charles. It is odd that Audra came to town as Noah’s ex, but she has virtually no ties to Noah. Yet again the writers seem to have no idea what to do with the character of Noah. Nate is bound to lose Elena as a result of this latest fling when it comes out, but something tells me Elena is not the only thing Nate will lose.

Tucker has found himself in a peculiar predicament as Ashley Abbott was the person who purchased his debt. Yes, Ashley did that people, which has left Victoria and Victor bewildered with her latest move. I have the same questions because Ashley knows she cannot trust this guy, so what angle is she playing here, she wants him to sell his company to his own son, Devon! It is actually genius and puts a major ripple in Victor’s plan to acquire McCall Unlimited. Very interesting dynamics at play as Ashley is hoping to get Tucker to reform and become a better man, and it might prove that her heart is still with Tucker even though he deceived her in the worst possible way.