HOLLYWOOD—Like I said, so much for Adam Newman bidding farewell to Genoa City on “The Young and the Restless.” After about 2 weeks (likely much sooner in the soap arena), Adam returned to town after learning Connor is starting to show his dark side. I mean he’s been combative with his mother, locked his little brother in a garage, got into a fight in school and broke his arm after falling off the jungle gym. Yeah, it seems Adam learning that Connor was in the hospital forced him to return to town.

With Adam back, Connor requested to live with his father, which Chelsea agreed to temporarily. However, I can sense this lasting much longer because Connor really has a strong bond with his son. Chelsea is emotionally losing it as it becomes a realization that she might actually have to co-parent her child with her ex. All this happening, while Nick is considering a run in politics. Hmm, Nick Newman the councilman never thought I would hear those words America, but it is indeed interesting. In other news, Kyle and Lola are house hunting, just as Lola’s con-artist father, Adrian has returned to town to ‘bond’ with his daughter. He knows Kyle is a cash cow, and Kyle immediately gave Adrian what he wanted for Lola’s sake. There is an interesting tidbit involving Kyle and Theo that we’ll discuss later. Let’s just say it changes everything.

Well I called it a few weeks back, the person who was contesting Katherine’s will was none other than Colin. While it has not been 100 percent confirmed, it looks like the writers are headed in that direction. Al lit took was Jill spotting an emblem on an envelope that screamed her con artist of a husband’s name. It totally makes sense because Colin would want that money, and his only way to get it would be to force Cane to have his hand in the cookie jar. The audience will just have to wait and see how this plays out, but I’m certain it will happen sooner than later, as Lily arrived in GC to chat with Devon and bid adieu to Cane and the town that she called home forever.

So with Lily gone, and news confirmed that Daniel Goddard is out, Cane should be exiting Genoa City real soon. This brings me to a convoluted love triangle where I have noticed for weeks that Elena seems more drawn to Nate, and with Nate and Abby done, it screams these two belong together. Why? Devon has finally warmed up to Amanda, and I can sense her staying in town way longer. There is no way the writers brought actress Mishael Morgan back for this meek storyline; they have much bigger plans in play people.

Let’s return to the news of the hour: looks like Dina’s extramarital affairs may have produced a love child that she gave up for adoption. Wait for it, the name is Eric Vanderway. You might say Vanderway, yes; Theo’s last name is Vanderway. So Eric is Jack and Traci’s half-brother, which means Theo, is their nephew, making Kyle and Theo cousins. Yes, what a surprise in the soap world right?

This only creates further friction between Kyle and Theo because Kyle despises the guy, and knowing he’s blood will only make the situation worse. How so? Theo has indeed been bonding with Lola of all people, so I don’t see a happily ever-after for these two lovebirds. “The Young and the Restless” has been quiet lately, so for November sweeps they really need to amplify the level of drama.