HOLLYWOOD—The time has finally come, the time where some of the juiciest narratives in the soap arena finally come front and center. What does that mean? Things the audience have known for weeks are finally revealed to characters who have been in the dark for weeks. I guess I’m going to start discussing the one storyline that has me most intrigued: Ava’s stalker.

Those closet to Ava suspect she might be spiraling as the result of Kiki’s death at the hands of Ryan Chamberlain. We know Ryan is not stalking Ava because he’s locked away. I mean he even murdered Bryce, the guy who pointed the finger at Sam for Shiloh’s murder and I suspect the writers have more in store for Ryan, but are patiently waiting to unleash that narrative.

There is indeed much more on the Sam situation we will discuss later, but let’s focus. Ava is sleeping with a gun, and WE (the audience) know for a fact that someone is indeed watching the woman who has committed some dastardly deeds in the past. I mean that individual was spotted watching Ava and Laura from a distance. Now say it with me: we feel it is Nikolas Cassadine. There has been just way too much buzz lately about Nikolas and if the character is indeed not dead, why are we talking so much about him.

It seems to be aligning perfectly for Valentin to finally take his fall from grace. I mean the guy ‘murdered’ Nikolas in cold blood, took the Cassadine fortune from Spencer, was responsible for Peter being raised by Faison, played a role in Nathan’s death and hired Sasha to portray Nina’s ‘daughter.’ Valentin has NOT PAID for any of his crimes, so Nikolas’ return to settle the score would not only be the ultimate blindside, but the comeuppance audiences have eagerly waited for.

Everything does hang on the location of Mikkos’ codicil which Laura knows is tied to Helena of all people. Jax and Hayden have been working overtime to locate it, just as Jax was reassured by Nina that she ‘knows’ what she is doing. At first, I thought Nina feigned ignorance in Valentin’s role in Sasha’s deception, but it seems Nina wants to take her hubby down once and for all. The great thing about this plot, Valentin doesn’t see it coming. The bad thing: Valentin’s thirst for revenge can be unrelenting. Let’s talk about Hayden because she was forced to finally reveal to Finn that their daughter is alive. Her name is Violet and Finn was speechless that Hayden kept such a secret from him.

Baffled, bewildered, angry are just a few of the emotions I could describe Finn encountered after learning he is a father. I wonder how soon this news will spread to the rest of the residents of Port Charles, notably Anna Devane. Anna will have to pick up plenty of pieces after leaving Port Charles. Why? That question still looms as to rather Alex could be Peter’s mother. Peter has been busy reliving his dark side, this time trying to keep the truth about his role in Drew’s capture in Iraq and Jason’s captivity from coming to light. The biggest issue is that Peter is in so deep now, there is no turning back.

Not only was he responsible for busting Shiloh out of prison, but he has actively worked to frame Sam McCall of all people for his dirty dealings. Jason, Spinelli and Sam are onto Peter, as is Maxie, but no concrete evidence has been discovered just yet. If anything, we can argue this storyline might not culminate until February sweeps. So I expect a bit more drag before the bomb comes dropping on Peter and his happily ever-after.

The other tale we have to discuss involves Brad, Wiley, Willow and Michael. Brad is unraveling and it’s starting to show. Brad is seeking therapy and Lucas has joined him as he knows his hubby is hiding something major. This baby swap secret has lasted longer than the one on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Hey, “GH” writers it’s time to finally unveil the truth on this one because as viewer I am quickly losing interest.