UNITED STATES—Well all the gifts have been unwrapped and the presents have been purchased. So now what? It’s time for those ‘After Christmas Sales.’ However, the big question that a lot of people ask is rather Black Friday sales are better than After Christmas sales? I used to think it was Black Friday, but sorry America, it is not, it’s After Christmas.

There is a reason why? Many retailers expect Americans to spend money on Black Friday because it is considered the official kickoff to the holiday season. Money will be spent rather it’s a sale or not. However, when it comes to post Christmas it is not always expected. So what does that mean? The retailers want to draw in consumers because with the holidays being over that spending they have come accustomed to, is not going to happen anymore.

Black Friday you are likely to see a 50 percent discount at most. Maybe 60 to 70 percent if you are lucky. However, After Christmas sales you are seeing on the low end 75, up to 95 percent off specific items at most retailers who have an excessive amount of product that they have to get rid of. I mean I got T-shirts at under a $1, which means the items were more than 95 percent off. That is what you want if you can get to those retailers who are offering those epic deals people.

I hate to say this, but if you have the money you can actually do all your Christmas shopping for the following year right after Christmas Day passes. Hell, you have a lot of people who just wait to do their actual Christmas shopping until after Christmas Day because the deals you receive are way larger than what you see post-Christmas. If you have the opportunity to spend $20 or $5 which would you choose? I think the answer is obvious.

In addition, your money after the big holiday seems to stretch so much more if you were shopping before the actual holiday. There are also plenty of retailers doing all in their power to get rid of merchandise because they have an overload of items because of too much stock. Remember all those issues with shipping and the massive delays in products. Well it is catching up with retailers and as a result they have to get rid of it, which means the consumers benefit from discounts and we mean massive discounts which is always a plus people.

The more money you can save the more money you will ultimately spend as a result, which means you can honestly get some epic bargains and who doesn’t like that. I mean I purchased a $100 sweater for just $4. Yes, you heard me correctly, $4, it was like getting the item for 95 percent off because the retailer just had to get rid of the items people and that was a win for me. Those gift cards, that cash that you got for Christmas, now is the time to use it to get those items that perhaps you did not get for Xmas that you want to purchase for yourself and guess what there is nothing you have to feel guilty about.

Written By Zoe Mitchell