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Dytanian Stringfellow Serves The Rich And Famous

HELLO AMERICA!—Since we are in the center of the awards season, I am very grateful to one of my industry friends, Terrance Bell for...

Black Friday Utter Mayhem

UNITED STATES—Black Friday, which I have renamed Black Thursday (let’s be honest, the sales have started on Thursdays for several years now), it’s a...

Black Friday Prep 101

UNITED STATES—This is the day that matters to those diehards of the holiday shopping season. What am I referring to? I’m talking about Black...

“Sell It Like Serhant” Entertains!

HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who has ever watched the network Bravo has a pretty good idea of the hit reality show “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which...

Ways To Save More Money

UNITED STATES—Saving money is not easy, but it all starts with the individual having a bit of discipline and resisting temptation. I always tell...

Christmas In July

UNITED STATES—I know it’s a bit early to be talking about this, but we are less than 6 months away from Christmas people! Yes,...
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