HOLLYWOOD—Starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the film “Air” is about Nike’s courtship of Michael Jordan in the 1980s. This will be Damon, 53, and Affleck’s, 50, ninth occasion co-starring together. It is the fifth feature length film directed by Affleck. He also directed the 2010 film “The Town” and “Argo” in 2012. Jason Bateman from “Horrible Bosses” and the Netflix series “Ozark” also co-stars.

Affleck plays businessman and co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight. Damon plays protagonist Sonny Vaccaro. The former sports marketing executing worked for Nike, Adidas and Reebok. He is also the founder of the ABCD (Academic Betterment and Career Development) camp which ran from 1984 until 2006 and featured the best talent in high school basketball. Participants included Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Tracy McGrady.

Marlon Wayans known for comedies “White Chicks” and the “Scary Movie” franchise plays decorated former basketball coach George Raveling. Raveling coached Washington State for 11 years and was the assistant coach of the 1984 USA Olympic team. Academy Award winner Viola Davis, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Fences” portrays Jordan’s Mother Deloris. “Air” received a 99 percent score on the Rotten Tomatoes.

Michael Jordan played for 15 seasons in the NBA and won 6 NBA championships. Nike Air Jordan shoes were first released in 1984. Nike paid a $5,000 fine each time Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 as it was breath of NBA uniform rules at the time. Air Jordan’s have transcended the sport of basketball. In 1994, rapper Tupac wore the air Jordan 9 in his “Thug Life” photoshoot. Jordan took the game winning shot of the 1998 NBA finals in the Air Jordan 14. A number of athletes at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 wore the Air Jordan 36s.