HOLLYWOOD—When that Will for Victor Kiriakis went missing, never in a million years did I expect it to reveal he had a secret son, um, Alex on “Days of Our Lives.” Something about this just feels off and makes little to no sense, but then you have Theresa Donovan in the mix that got her hands on that suitcase and those files of Victor’s before anyone else could discover them.

Do I think she tampered with them? Yeah, but what’s the endgame here. She literally just met Alex, why would she do such a thing, unless the Will had another name specified to get all of Victor’s possessions besides Maggie and the only person I can think of is Brady, but that doesn’t even make since when Philip is Victor’s biological son. The math is not adding up here and I need someone to connect the dots so I can have at least a tinge of plausibility here.

Alex is drowning his sorrows with this big reveal, as Sonny and Justin attempt to grapple with the news that the son and brother they thought bonded them is not the case. It feels very cliché of the writers to go down this route, but if it opens the door for a possible Stephanie and Alex reunion that could be intriguing. I mean Chad would know best how to have the rug pulled out from you unexpectedly when it comes to your paternity after he learned about Stefano DiMera being his actual father during his teenage years.

The other big chaos in Salem is the truth about Dimitri and Leo being exposed courtesy of Gwen and Kristen. Gwen gave a punch to her pal Leo and then exposed the truth to him that she planned to take Dimitri to the cleaners for conning her. I’m still trying to figure out Kristen’s role here. Does she need the money that bad, or is she just greedy as hell? Who knows? With the walls closing in, Dimitri pulled a gun on Stefan and Gabi and for a minute I did expect this to potentially be the way Gabi Hernandez officially left Salem, but nope. Vivian placed a bullet into Dimitri’s back to protect her son.

Stefan and Gabi were thankful, but also realized they had to get their stories straight because Vivian is a felon and possession of a weapon is against her parole terms which could send her right back to the slammer. I mean I can see the irony of Vivian putting a bullet into Carly’s cousin, her nemesis for like a lifetime. Stefan and Gabi will have to do plenty of work to keep this truth about who shot Dimitri from coming out. Leo might be out for blood thinking Gwen or Kristen pulled the trigger, but oh, will he be wrong. Speaking about wrongs, Jada’s mouth helped the wheels churn for Marlena and Belle who confirmed that Shawn cheated on his wife with Talia of all people. Yeah, Belle was not pleased, neither was Marlena who ditched communication with her former client as a result.

Chloe oh, Chloe, she just feels she always has to be the voice of reason as she spilled to Xander after overhearing a conversation not meant for her that Victoria is his daughter with Sarah, not Rex. Yeah, Xander knows the truth and he wants a relationship with his daughter and plans to fight for it. I guess this is fitting, but not quite as Chloe is expected to jet off to New York of all places with Philip to have her happy ending. I mean this woman leaves town so many times it is hard to fathom if this is truly the end or until we meet again.

If anything, I want Chloe with Brady. They were and are good together, but the writers keep severing their ties for one reason or another. Which leaves Brady with a romantic partner unless Theresa gets her claws back into him, and I’m not sure Theresa wants to go toe-to-toe with Kristen DiMera or her little spawn of the Devil, Rachel. Surprise, Susan Banks is very much alive and has been held captive by Edmund overseas. Ava and Harris showed up to Edmund’s place and he drugged them, and they became prisoners.

EJ is still out for blood against Ava, and I wonder if that will simmer down when he discovers his mother is very much alive. With that said, Rafe and Tripp are there to try to save the day. Last time I checked Tripp is not a cop. Jeez, give this guy something to do. Melinda found herself fired from the DA position courtesy of Paulina and Sloan was there to care for her ‘friend’ now that she and Eric are trying to adopt.