HOLLYWOOD—It is very apparent the cards are aligning for some major downfalls in the coming weeks on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” For starters, it has been months since Nina turned in Carly and Drew for insider trading to the SEC. It resulted in Carly losing a large fortune of her income and Drew being carted off to Pentonville. I must say Ava as a friend to Nina has no problem twisting the knife when it comes to the truth when it best suits her. The constant warnings about Sonny going ballistic when the truth comes out, yeah, she is spot on.

Looks like Michael of all people is about to discover that information and use it to blow Nina’s world to bits. I am sorry, but Michael Quartermaine is one of the most annoying characters in daytime TV history. He is preachy, sits on his high horse and acts as if he has never committed a crime in his life. FYI, Michael did murder Claudia years ago, just thought I should point that out.

With that said, Michael is going to be so giddy when he exposes this secret, proving to Willow that he was right about Nina all over again and then socking it to his nemesis for reasons that quite frankly don’t concern him. So, the writers craft a storyline of Drew getting beat up in prison and almost dying, just to make Nina a bigger villain than what she is. Carly is just as bad, if not worse than Nina, she just has never been held to the fire.

I am glad this secret is going to be exposed because it is going to set the stage for the secret of all secrets to come to light; Michael, Dex and Josslyn all conspired to take down Sonny and Michael was at the core of the plan. That is going to be a devastating blow that is going to rock Sonny’s world and when he discovers that his flesh and blood tried to lock him up and that Dex was a plant, talk about a war, Carly won’t be able to stop whatever Sonny has planned for Michael, Dex, he better get Josslyn pregnant because that might be the only thing that saves him.

With that said, the writers are pushing a possible reunion with Valentin and Nina and I’m all for it. These two were great together, and with Charlotte’s recent antics against Anna at the bequest of Victor Cassadine, these two are going to see the strength of the love they once shared. I’m still skeptical about Charlotte being the threat to Anna though. I feel like there is something larger at play here, exactly what that is, I’m not sure, but the other shoe has to drop at some point. Look, I liked Anna and Valentin together, but I was more fascinated with Anna and Finn, but he’s too busy playing house with Liz and the chemistry is just not there for me. Wish it was, but it isn’t people.

While all this is taking place, Cyrus has made it clear to Mason to take out Ava, but he has instead kidnapped the blonde one from Wyndemere and delivered her directly to Nikolas Cassadine. Well, it hasn’t happened officially, but his meeting with Nikolas all but confirmed that is what he was doing. I cannot wait to see the shock on her face when she realizes her hubby is very much alive and has been for months, thanks to Austin, who has lied to Ava’s face. Livid is an understatement to how she will feel.

Nikolas needs to be careful not to be caught because Laura and Kevin are indeed on his trail and now have confirmation, he is indeed alive after visiting London and discovering her son has made multiple in-person withdrawals from the bank. I mean Nikolas, the writing is on the wall, turn yourself in before it is too late buddy. You’d think he’d want to see his sons Spencer and Ace, but nope. Speaking of Spencer, him and Trina finally made love after what feels like almost a year plus of dancing around their true feelings. It was a moment daytime fans were waiting for, and it finally happened in all its glory.

Gladys was officially exposed after Sasha confronted her wicked mother-in-law who later turned her into the authorities before being cornered by Sonny who was out for blood. Gladys, why in the world did you think you could run from Sonny let alone lie to his face after Nina spilled all the tea. Gladys is leaving PC one of two ways, in a body bag or never to be seen again.

With that said, Sasha found herself back at Ferncliff with the threat of Dr. Montague trying to take her out, but a hero emerged. Want to take any guesses as to whom? Um, Cody people, and I want this saga to end so Sasha can have her happy ending after all she endured with a guy who has quite frankly risked it all to prove his loyalty to her. It is what the viewers want.