BRENTWOOD—On Saturday, July 9, the Los Angeles Police Department received a report of alleged human remains located in a Brentwood dumpster. According to NBC Los Angeles, authorities arrived on the scene with a cadaver dog after locals alerted them that they smelled a foul odor.

The dumpster was located in the back of an apartment building on the 11800 block of Kiowa Avenue. Sgt. Zach Hutchings of the LAPD indicated to the Los Angeles Times that officers and a cadaver dog were dispatched to an apartment building on Kiowa Avenue. “They were looking for a possible body,” Hutchings told the LA Times.

The dog did find rotting meat inside the dumpster, that was not human flesh, it was raw chicken meat. Once officers learned that it was raw chicken the scene was cleared. On Facebook there were different opinions on rather the police should have been called or not.

Rielle Breton, a resident of Los Angeles indicated on social media: “Come on, we know that rotten chicken smells bad but calling 911? Leave it to ‘Brentwood’.” Laup-paul Zee indicated in their comment that “Considering a baby was abandoned the other day in trash compactor-I’m sure it’s a little better to be safe than sorry.”

Canyon News spoke with the LAPD who stated that no one was arrested for the incident. Authorities have no information regarding the suspected person who threw the raw chicken remains in the dumpster.