UNITED STATES−Lt. Col. and former Congressman, Allen West (R-FL) was involved in a motorcycle wreck on Saturday, May 23. West was airlifted to an area hospital.

According to a May 24 updated press release, West was traveling back from a “Free Texas Rally,” outside of Waco, TX when he was cut off by the car ahead of him.

West is reported to be injured but in stable condition.


In his press release, Lt. Col. West said, “I am alive by the grace of God.” West has a concussion along with several fractured bones and lacerations. Most recent reports indicate West is still in an area hospital with family by his side.

LTC West reportedly has a team of doctors working with him. His plans are to continue with his political run as Texas Republican Party Chair and get back to his scheduled calendar of events once he receives a medical release from his doctors.

Learn more about LTC West and his political run, and why he chooses to run at this time visit: www.west4texas.com

West Is Injured After Freedom Rally Near Waco, TX

In his press release West, thanks the public for their well-wishes and outpouring of support, and continued prayers on his behalf are appreciated.

The former Congressman was released from the hospital on Memorial Day.  He gave thanks to all who showed up to escort him out including members of the area Sheriff’s department. Video footage captured by KWTX News 10.