SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, May 23, Santa Monica resident Scott Perry married Olivia, his cat, on Instagram live to raise money for Best Friends Los Angeles, the shelter Perry adopted Olivia from.

Perry said in an interview with KTLA 5 that especially during times of quarantine animals are so crucial to comfort and happiness. Perry said the wedding and fundraiser serve to recognize the effort of shelters and shelter animals and the “joy that they provide to families around the world”

In the same interview Perry recounts his engagement story to Olivia where he saw her lying in the sun, and then he “popped the question and she said meow, which [he] took as a yes.”

Mr. Perry acknowledges the slight absurdity of a grown man marrying a cat but says it is a nice feeling to have a forever companion and that as kitten season approaches, lots of kittens need homes. He hopes the wedding and fundraiser will help with exactly that.

The wedding itself began with a montage of Perry and Olivia spending quality time together, including one picture of Perry running the L.A. Marathon with a giant cardboard cut out of Olivia’s face. Perry then spoke for a few minutes on how the wedding aims to raise awareness for shelters and raise funds for Best Friends Los Angeles before Perry brought out Olivia in a cat-sized wedding dress decorated with pink roses.

Perry’s friend Andrew officiated the ceremony, and once vows were exchanged and after Perry “kissed the cat” the two were pronounced “kitten and cat daddy.”

Best Friends Los Angeles is the Los Angeles Branch of Best Friends Animal Society, whose mission is to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s animal shelters.

To view Perry and Olivia’s wedding visit @scottperry on Instagram and if you are interested in donating to Best Friends Los Angeles or adopting a pet, please visit