UNITED STATES—There is no better feeling than getting on your horse and going for a ride, but this is not always possible for one reason or another. This is why horse-riding enthusiasts need to have a few alternative hobbies up their sleeves to enjoy whenever they cannot ride their horse. Many of these hobbies could even help or allow you to get more out of your horse riding experience, so if you are seeking a new hobby or two, then read on for a few ideas, which will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Horse Grooming

One of the most obvious activities that a horse rider can do is horse grooming. Learning how to groom a horse properly takes time, but it is incredibly rewarding, and it allows you to build a stronger connection to your horse. Not only this, but it is healthy for both you and the horse as it is physically challenging and will allow the horse to destress while increasing healthy blood circulation.


Woodworking is always a good hobby as it is challenging yet highly rewarding and allows you to make all kinds of different objects. It is a particularly good option for a horse-riding enthusiast as it allows you to make a range of different items that are helpful, such as hurdles and barriers. Woodworking can also be relatively easy to get started with, and you will quickly start to build your abilities with regular practice (much like horse riding).

Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is a good hobby because it encourages you to be outside; it is physically demanding and rewarding to see your vegetables grow. You can then use the produce to improve your own diet and even feed your horse, helping you make significant savings on your grocery bill.

Horse Racing Betting

Anyone that enjoys the thrill of horse riding will get a real kick from out horse racing betting, which can make an already exciting sport even more exhilarating. It can be easy enough to place bets online and then watch the action unfold all from the comfort of your own home and on your smartphone.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a brilliant activity that can bring many benefits to your life, many of which could help with your horse-riding ability. Tai Chi can improve your mood and mental health, improve aerobic capacity, improve flexibility, balance, agility, strength, and muscle definition, among many other benefits. It is also an activity that you could do by yourself from the comfort of your own home, or you could join a class if you were looking for a social hobby.

These are just a few hobbies that anyone with a passion for horse riding should enjoy. It is essential to have a few alternative hobbies that you enjoy when you cannot go out riding. You can often find that these hobbies actually improve your horse riding and ownership experience so it is worth giving them a try.