UNITED STATES─It looks like my theory that the Hilary Curtis lookalike Amanda Sinclair is keeping a bigger secret than what the residents of Genoa City thought on “The Young and the Restless” has been proven true. Amanda is keeping a big secret or shall I say, Amanda is keeping someone secret from the rest of the world. She has a tracking device on someone, and that individual, and she has been in communication with another person to ensure this ‘mystery party’ does not escape.

So who is this person? The audience does not yet know, but it seems to point towards the mystery party being a male. Who could that male be that is the larger question in play? It seems Devon and Elena both know that Amanda is rattled and hiding something big. A new development in the mix this week was the revelation that the great Victor Newman is aware that Amanda Sinclair has a whopper of a secret. I’m starting to think Hilary might still be alive and well, but I really don’t see where the writers would go with such a storyline to be honest.

At first thought it seemed Elena might be paired with Nate, but it seems the writers are pushing Nate towards Amanda after their unfortunate breakup with Abby. Too bad Amanda seems to be charming Billy Abbott who is smitten with the elusive lawyer. They spent time during that GC storm, and it seems Billy’s alter is attracted to this woman which could be major trouble people. Speaking of Abby, she is getting much closer to Chance after framing Phyllis for stealing jewelry from guests from the Phoenix Hotel. The big surprise was the fact that all that jewelry was fake and part of Abby’s scheme to push Phyllis out of the company.

Abby that was indeed a smart tactic, but you’re messing around with Phyllis Summers; that is NOT a woman you want to burn because she always gets her revenge and when she does, it stings to the core. Abby is being paired with Chance, ok, so what happens next? Looks like the love affair between Nick and Chelsea is on ice, after she decided to move back in with Adam for Connor’s sake. You’ve heard the phrase like mother, like daughter, how about, like father, like son?

Yes, Connor is proving he is indeed Adam’s kid as he wants to reunite his family at all costs, and to do so he lies about Sharon being mean to him in therapy to prevent Adam and Sharon from getting closer than what they already are. Yeah, the kid seemed like a brat at first, but now he is just plain devious people. Good thing that both Adam and Chelsea are aware that Connor was not telling the truth. This seems to only be solidifying the relationship between the former flames just as Nick realizes his so called romance is not going where he wants it to go.

It looks like Amanda Sinclair is the hot item on “The Young and the Restless” and I’m eager to see how it all unfolds.