LOS ANGELES—Have you been crabbing that Amazon is being environmentally out-to-lunch with its packaging which is not curbside recyclable? Here is the Feel Good Solution.

Here is their brilliant answer: Goodwill and Amazon have partnered in their GiveBackBox® program.

It’s really simple. When you get your new stuff from Amazon. Fill the box with your Goodwill items; get a free shipping label; get free pick up from UPS (there are drop off services at both US Post Offices and UPS); shipping is free. All the minutiae can be handled online. No trips to Goodwill (or your favorite charity).

Amazon boxes just lying around the house are eligible for this program.

Here are the basics to get you through this process.

-Email info@givebackbox.com / Call 310-954-2003

-FAQs for giveback program – https://givebackbox.com/faq

-UPS call for pickup – https://tools.usps.com/schedule-pickup-steps.html

(weight limitations and eligible recyclable items ..bla bla bla..)

-Drop it off at a United States Post Office or leave it in the post room of your building

Say good bye to all that clutter.  Give yourself a hi-five.