HOLLYWOOD—I must massively apologize for not recapping last week’s episode of “The Perfectionists.” To be honest, I simply forgot about it. Some might argue that is not a good sign. We learned that Mason was a mole for Nolan and did the dirty work for his pal. Good news is that Caitlin is still very much alive, Taylor has not completely vanished and it looks like the secret about Taylor’s death has come to the surface. She is indeed alive and Alison dropped that bomb to Dylan, Ava and Caitlin.

When the truth about someone trying to murder Taylor came front-and-center, the trio, plus Alison and Mona are concerned about Dana who they think ran over Caitlin. Mona revealed her cupcakes with an interesting message, which led to Mona wondering who is watching her. I loved the tongue and cheek element that the episode, ‘Dead Week’ winked at regarding “Pretty Little Liars,” “A” and the underground dollhouse. Oh, it brought such great memories.

Looks like Caitlin was ready to take her relationship with Jeremy to the public sphere, as Mona got use to her hacking roots by digging into Taylor’s computer skills and her trailer. Dana just keeps being the thorn in the trio’s plans because she makes threats, without actually making threats. Either she has nothing on them or she is just attempting to cause them to rattle a bit. Ali and Taylor shared the pros and cons of faking their death and being separated from family and friends. Taylor loved it, Ali was frightened by it. Interesting to say the least America. Caitlin was getting closer to Dylan’s lover who was not happy about that betrayal. Why do I sense he has a few secrets of his own that have not yet seen the light of day? Mason showed another side of himself, one that caught the interest of Mona of all people to say the least. Caitlin was looking for a do over after bombing her initial interview, and it looks like with a bit of persuasion it worked to her advantage.

Mona and Alison got a taste of their own medicine in the world of duplicity. Trust no one when it comes to being in the orbit of people who are known to have secrets. Mona finally discovered her secret admirer and it was Mason. Was I surprised by that revelation? Slightly. Dylan and his boyfriend did a bit of work to repair things. I totally did not understand Ava turning in that paper and delivering that puzzle piece next to it. Ali was surprised at Taylor’s decision to move out, and the fact that Ali and Mona has leverage over her screams wonders.

It raises a very interesting question: can we trust Taylor? I’m not so certain, but maybe, just maybe. Ava made amends with a fellow student regarding past transgressions her father did that hurt those outside of her orbit. The final moments were full of surprises, as Mona utilized her tracking device which brought her directly to Dana, who left her those cupcakes. Mona was out for blood and wanted to take out Dana, but why Dana is targeting Mona of all people I still haven’t pinpointed. Until next week “Perfectionists” fanatics, we’re getting close to the finale.