UNITED STATES—Here are another 10 cases with people that make me feel better about MY OWN family problems, but at the same time my heart goes out to these poor babies who were probably mostly on Uncle Sam’s payroll in one way or another.

We cannot continue to assume that parents will parent or that family will protect innocent babies.

They are not in order, and to me they are all equally as disgusting examples of how parents across the country are ruining, and sometimes even killing their own children!


Kayla Moore of Pennsylvania, 24, is a “stay at home mom” that killed her daughter with such violence that an official claimed her body looked like it had been in a car accident. News reports claim that the murderer’s mother and boyfriend both live in the house, and that poor little Athena Wolfe showed signs of starvation. Children were dirty and two were tied up like dogs. The “mother” is pregnant with her 7th child and who wants to bet UNCLE SAM has been sponsoring the abusers?


Louisiana authorities finally caught up to a GRANDMOTHER they sought to charge with child abuse, and they intend to extradite her back to South Carolina where she faces additional charges of child abuse related to her little granddaughter! Jaqueline Raysor is being accused of a slew of other abuses, including beating a grandson with a cord.


The bad parenting of Theresa Hawkins-Stephens of Ohio has left one child dead and another one seriously injured as a result of being abused. News reports say Alexander Stephens was “struck after one took food.” This article claims that the abuse was the worst officers had ever seen, to the point that cops had to go for counseling.


A Texas mother (Cheryl Reed), father (Deandre Dorch), and even neighbor (Porucha Phillips) have been charged with abuse so horrific that authorities say the children had HUNDREDS of injuries. Thank God somebody got to them before they ended up dead and chances are they will end up broken-minded with “unknown cause” disorders as an adult.


In Blanco, Texas, a father was forced to make a decision no one wants to make: to have his 14-month-old daughter, Sunny Dakota Slade-Bort, taken off life support. Her siblings, both toddlers, are also suspected to have suffered sexual abuse. The mother, Jamie Patronella, and her boyfriend, John Lawrence, have been charged and the investigation is still going.


Andrew Frye, a 16-year-old from Ohio, died from a heroin overdose and although this drug is leaving widespread travesties across the country, what we rarely hear is that sometimes the parent turns their own child onto deadly drugs. In this case, FOX is reporting that it was the boy’s mother, Heather Frye, and grandmother, Brenda Frye, who gave him the heroin.


Mandy Denison 27, from Rockland, Maine was found with the drug Clonezapan that wasn’t prescribed to her, when her 3 year-old was found (THANK GOD ALIVE) “lying unattended in a drainage ditch.”


Little Brielle Janai-Warsale Robinson died, due to the abuse and cruelty of her mother, 22-year-old Tradezsha Bibbs of Houston, Texas. She has been charged with capital murder resulting from what the Houston Chronicle reports,  that she, “repeatedly punched and dropped her five-month-old daughter to make her stop crying.”


A young mother in Alabama decided to leave her 5-year-old in the car while she prostituted herself for Oxycodone. The “John” was an undercover agent and the baby has been placed with a family member. Ashlin Lane Laster, 22, is also facing “possible probation violation charges.”


Tamara Lynn Baker, 31, was arrested after authorities in Florida found her toddler in a home full of trash, sewage problems, and a disintegrating floor. The child “appeared autistic and couldn’t speak but otherwise appeared to be in good health” and the same article reports say the mother regularly barricaded the child in the house so she could “run the streets.”

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