MALIBU—On Saturday, July 25, the Artifac Thrift Store located at 3728 Cross Creek Road Malibu, California will be closing its doors.

Artifac Tree Thrift Store first opened its doors back in 1973 and has continued to be an influence on the community. It accepts donations of clothing, jewelry, furniture, and a host of other items. Any and all proceeds are given by the community to raise money for those in need or to feed those who are homeless.

On June 16, Artifac Tree Thrift Store received an eviction notice that was issued by Mariposa Land Company, which gave the store 60 days to leave the premise and whatever is not sold or gone by that time will remain where it is, with the property. Anything that can’t be sold before closing will be donated, as they have until August 16 to leave.

Once news of the eviction spread to the public measures that were taken in order to prevent the closure of the store. There was on online petition that was put up which received over 500 signatures to protest the closing, but it was unsuccessful. Another campaign to fundraise was also conducted which raised over $600.

Martha Templeton, the manager of Artifac Tree Thrift Store, is hoping that even though the store can’t remain in its current location there may be a chance for it to remain in Malibu. Developer of the Whole Foods project, Steve Soboroff, donated $5,000 towards relocation because he stated that he knows how expensive trying to find a new location can be and he wants to help support the Artifac Tree Thrift Store.