HOLLYWOOD—I knew it was coming America, but that doesn’t mean it still was not exciting to witness the chaos that is erupting on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” I knew the moment Victoria Newman thought that she hoodwinked her husband Ashland Locke, who duped her with his fake cancer diagnosis. She was livid so much to the point she got into a car crash that resulted in Sharon’s husband Rey Rosales being killed and Ashland saving Victoria from certain death.

Victoria went back and forth with her family about taking back Ashland, only to con him out of the remaining $250 million he had and then booting him to the curb. Here’s the problem: Victoria didn’t expect Ashland to strike back. Hello, Victoria did you NOT see all the lies that this guy told you before you married him? You don’t con Ashland Locke and not expect him to strike back. He had one of his ‘people’ follow Victoria’s every move. Ashland broke into Victoria’s home and it resulted into a heated argument where it was clear that Victoria was scared what her lover might do.

All of this was taking place in the midst of an intense storm full of wind and rain. I was happy to see that the soap did not travel down that typical plot of two cars colliding or losing control and a fatal or serious crash being the catalyst of the mayhem people. However, Nicholas Newman is finally getting a story people. It has felt like nearly 2 years since the character really had some sort of narrative going on beyond popping in and out to show the audience the character still exists.

Nick came to Victoria’s aide in a time of need because it was unclear what Ashland might actually do people. He delivered a punch to Ashland that caused him to fall to the ground striking his head on the fireplace. Blood poured from his head, just as Nick and Victoria panicked. Now, Victoria she has already been down this route with JT, so it should be crystal clear to her that trying to cover up a crime never ends well. At least Nick had the conscience to know the difference between right and wrong and decided contacting the police would be smart.

They contacted Chance who arrived at the scene, but also there was Victor, looking to protect his children as always. Guess what Victor, you cannot always cover your children’s mistakes. If you do that they never learn their lesson people. So you all are asking what’s the problem? Ashland was presumed dead; he had no pulse, but the problem is the fact that his body disappeared. So the question has to be asked? Did Ashland escape or did someone move the body? I’m under the impression that Ashland escaped which means trouble could be looming for Nick, Victoria, Victor, the Newman family and anyone else who crossed the mogul.

With that said, another takedown is in the works this time involving Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki of all people in their quest to take down Diane Jenkins. Now look, Diane by no means is a saint people, and I thought she had another angle when she returned back from the dead. What that angle happens to be, the audience still has no idea and we’re trying to connect the puzzle pieces. However, Phyllis is NOT about to allow her nemesis, neither is Nikki to get away with whatever she has planned. So what are those three ladies planning: a ruse to take Diane down from the inside and utilizing Marcheti as a way to do it!

Hmm, I’m not so certain that is the best approach to utilize the company that Summer works at (your daughter Phyllis) with Kyle (Ashley your nephew and Jack’s son) to expose Diane. Why? If there is any blowback or chaos guess who gets caught in the crossfire: Kyle and Summer! I don’t think Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki realize this, but this will be fun to watch this unfold people.