UNITED STATES—I absolutely cannot believe what transpired to me this week. For the first time, in nearly 6 months I had what I would call the perfect night of sleep. When I say I don’t sleep well, I absolutely mean it. I cannot recall the last time I slept well in years. Closing your eyes is one thing, tossing and turning every night is not quality sleep.

With that said, Monday night going into Tuesday morning I felt for the first time in a long time I actually got 7 to 8 hours of sleep uninterrupted. I mean I did not have to get up to use the bathroom, I did not have any dreams, I had no nightmares, I did not hear any loud sounds, I slept like a baby and I don’t know how to describe it. I had already had a long day of work, hadn’t slept the night before and around 10ish after getting home from work, I turned on the TV, but I didn’t really feel like watching it that much. So I turned the TV off and I lay on the couch.

Next thing you know I was out cold. I turned my phone off to ensure that I didn’t have any ringing, buzzing or lights flashing. I have NEVER slept this well in a very long time and my body felt so rejuvenated for the first time since 2021. That’s pretty bad to think that way America. You’re talking about nearly 7-8 months of no quality sleep and in a single night everything, and I mean everything changes.

We hear more and more stories every single day about how important sleep is to our bodies. Yeah, we need sleep and if we do not get it, it has a visible impact on your health and mental being. Why? If you’re not getting sleep you tend to be cranky, volatile and just not in the best spirits. At the same time, you don’t bring your full A-game to whatever you’re doing. Rather it may be school, work or some other task that you are working on or attempting to complete.

Now am I hoping to have a repeat of what transpired Monday night into Tuesday a second, a third or fourth time this week? Absolutely. However, rather it absolutely happens time will indeed tell, but I think it had to be a combination of factors that led to the perfect night of sleep. Being tired, the right environment, limited distractions in my presence, those are sometimes the components needed to deliver the perfect formula for sleep people.

Sometimes we work too much; we focus on outside forces more than worrying about our health and that results in us not allowing our body to rehydrate and reenergize on a daily basis people. I used to believe naps were the key to getting a night of sleep that is uninterrupted. Nope a nap is just that: a nap. It does not substitute getting a full night of sleep America. Having a clear mind might be the most important aspect of getting sleep that is of quality and sound people.