HOLLYWOOD—Whew talk about attempted murder that is the new tale of focus for “General Hospital” after a strange set of events have turned Port Charles upside down people. Ava Jerome dropped a bomb on Nikolas after a war of words between the two that resulted in her spilling the tea about Esme and her husband sleeping together. There was a major problem: Spencer heard it all. Spencer was NOT happy and disowned his father as a result.

Spencer was NOT happy and it led to him spiraling to the point that he started drinking and stumbled upon the Quartermaine picnic and it was obvious he had no idea what was going to happen. So when Ava found herself stabbed and fighting for her life, one would think it was a direct result of her eavesdropping on that conversation with Austin and his cousin. That seemed a bit too easy people so the question is rather it was Austin’s cousin who committed the deed or perhaps someone else who wanted Ava to stay quiet or to make her pay for spilling the tea.

Nikolas was busy caring for Elizabeth, who spaced out yet again, but at the same time, after that comment he dropped to Ava about her betrayal of Kiki and informing Spencer of the truth changed everything. Hell he all, but told Elizabeth that his marriage with Ava was DONE. Do I believe Spencer or Nikolas committed the deed, no way in hell, but at the same time, it could be very possible that someone else did it, someone like Esme or Ryan Chamberlain?

We shall see how this plays out as Victor already suspects Nikolas or Spencer to be culpable in the matter and it is possible that he pulls strings to cover their tracks, just as Jordan and Anna investigate all possible suspects in the matter. Let’s go back to Elizabeth a bit people. It appears her lapses in time have to do with her father and some other woman. Exactly what transpired, the audience does NOT know just yet, but it involves a stairwell. I’m starting to wonder if Elizabeth may have accidentally killed a mistress or the other woman his father was seeing. It feels like that, but I am NOT 100 percent certain on that matter.

Finn is attempting to do his best to help Liz, but she does NOT want his help and its pushing their relationship closer and closer to the brink of fracture people. With that said, could we see Liz and Nikolas get closer as a result? It feels that way, but we should expect to see Liz’s father come back to Port Charles as this mystery ultimately comes to a head with a big reveal, we can only hope people.

Anna is certain that Victor is up to no good and that means going to Sonny to see what he knows, the answer is nothing. The key is Anna knows Victor is up to something big, she just has no idea what that is people. On top of that, there is that question of how Valentin plays into all of this as that key information; Anna still has no idea about. In other news, the audience now has an idea who Cody’s father COULD be: Mac!

Mac and Dominque were once in a relationship and it appears that Mac is starting to suspect that he could be Cody’s father, but he is questioning just how Dominque would NOT know she had a son, and even if she was aware, why would she give that child up? That is a very good question Mac, one that I’m not certain the writers considered because let’s be honest, it does NOT make a lot of sense. Speaking of Cody, he is getting closer with Britt as she has allowed those walls to fall a little in her quest to allow Cody to charm her people.

This relationship has been shoved down the audience’s throat so much at this point, when it finally comes to fruition I don’t think I will care at all because there is no allure to what is taking place I am over it at this point and that is quite sad. Willow has dropped the bomb onto Michael about her leukemia battle, just as Nina witnessed a close moment with Willow and TJ.

Nina please stay mum, I know you’re trying your best to schmooze Sonny and the rest of PC, but I’m still not buying that relationship. I’m much happier witnessing the blossoming romance between Drew and Carly who finally gave into temptation and shared that steamy kiss. These two have been dancing around their romance for weeks and the chemistry between Cameron Mathison and Laura Wright is palatable people, it’s hot.

Another couple FINALLY giving into temptation was Brook Lynn and Chase. I mean the soap has only been dancing around the chemistry between these two for what feels like a year plus or longer at this point. Its about damn time!