HOLLYWOOD—So “Big Brother 20” has officially arrived, and while it has become a staple of mine to recap each week of the summer for avid BB fans, be advised this first week is actually 3 weeks long. Yes, by the time the first eviction takes place the houseguests would have been in the house for at least 21 days. We already have a clear division in the house with two sides: Foutte and Level 6. Trust me those alliance names are terrible and that is the problem with houseguests: they try to hard! Just let the damn name come to you.

Foutte consists of the yoga crew (Faysal, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Swaggy C and Rockstar); they have Scottie, Steve and Bayleigh as numbers. You could almost consider Foutte to be the oddballs compared to Level 6. Yes, it seems EVERY year now we see these divides in the house similar to high school: the good looking people against everyone else. Level 6 consists of Winston, Brett, Rachel, Angela, Tyler and Kaycee. They have JC and Sam as potential numbers.

If I had to give my honest opinion, right now I like Foutte a lot more than Level 6 and I’ll tell you why. At least Foutte is willing to speak with the other side of house. Like where in the hell do the houseguests not understand this is BB: POWER SHIFTS ALL THE TIME and even if it stays with your side curveballs should be expected! Winston who was nearly everyone’s preseason fav is a disaster walking. The guy is paranoid, petty and a total douche, at everyone in the house knows it. The sad thing is he has NO IDEA how he is perceived. This goes for every alliance who thinks they are loved, but come to the realization they are hated, um, anyone remember The Friendship from BB6?

Angela is a complete dud, this girl hasn’t delivered anything yet, and Kaycee, why the hell is she even there? Brett has surprised me the most. He might seem like a ‘bro,’ but he has some basic logistics of the game unlike his ally Winston. I mean if someone proposes an alliance in BB you always say yes, even if you never plan to honor it. This is what Tyler did. I underestimated Tyler, the kid is playing the game, but he needs to be careful, playing both sides can get you in dicey water, because you will eventually have to show your cards and the target of betrayal amplifies on your back. The verdict is still out on Rachel, she hasn’t really given me anything to make we say “I’m all in.” I sense, Level 6 will be the first to fracture when things explode, and the same for Foutte. I want to see a re-shift in the house and the alliances.

I mean Swaggy C is a character, but his ego is going to be his downfall like so many alpha males in this game. Dude, pump the brakes and try to be a bit more humble. America did not choose you as the most trending houseguests. You might be loved at home, but in BB things swing on the dime. He has a showmance going with Bayleigh which immediately heightens that target on his back. Other potential showmances include Faysal and Haleigh, Brett and Rachel and I’m suspecting Winston and Angela.

When you’re down you’re loved, when you’re on top you’re hated. Sam, who I absolutely adore, received the opportunity to choose a Power App reward from the BB App Store. Sam really did put on the waterworks in Sunday’s episode, and this feel sorry for me storyline is getting old. Its ok in the beginning, but playing the role of victim the entire game is not going to win you the public’s vote in my opinion. Get it in gear Sam, this is BB, if it were easy everyone could succeed.

Now, let’s talk about these rewards. Sam selected Bonus Life, which gives her the ‘CHANCE’ (see that is in all caps) to re-enter the game or save an ally who has been evicted from the game. The power can only be used for the first four evictions, but here is the catch: if Sam does NOT use the power by the time the fourth houseguest is evicted, that individual AUTOMATICALLY comes back into the game. The terminology on this one is tricky, so it will be interesting to see exactly how the power comes into fruition.

Other apps in play include Re-Draw, Upgrade, The Cloud and Identity Theft. Now, redraw seems like it an opportunity to shake-up things with the Power of Veto draw, Upgrade screams HOH or an enhanced veto power, while The Cloud is tricky. I’m thinking you either get safety for the week, or you get to protect yourself and someone else for the week. Now here is the one that I’m most intrigued by: Identity Theft. Don’t ask me why, but it immediately caught my attention. My gut, and this is something I’ve wanted BB to do for years, is to have a secret Power of Veto, similar to the Hidden Immunity Idol in “Survivor.” Why?

The house would be in disarray if at the live eviction the votes were locked, and one of the nominees dropped a bomb and saved themselves. This would create utter chaos and must-see TV drama. Identity Theft could also relate to the opportunity of stealing votes. I’m intrigued to see how these powers will play out, but on the looks of things, they will only last for the first five weeks, which is good; shake up the game to get things moving, but not too much.

Back to Swaggy, not a good idea to taunt America in your diary room because I have a feeling you might get a punishment next week. Similar to Faysal aka Fessy who has to eat vegan ham anytime a package is delivered. Fessy may not have been trending, but he managed to win the POV, which is good because if Sam or Steve came down, Tyler made it clear Bayleigh would touch the block.

Level 6 hates Swaggy C it’s all they talk about, while Foutte want Angela and Winston’s heads on a silver platter. Scottie who has been virtually absent in the TV episodes is aligned with Steve, who is doing well considering he is the old guy in the house, but he talks TOO MUCH! Kaitlyn is driving me nuts. The girl and her lust for Fessy is causing rifts in Foutte, and she has leaned on Tyler, who is using this to his advantage to add a number to his side. Kaitlyn you have a boyfriend at home, why in the hell are you after Fessy? One minute I love the girl for her brashness the next minute I can’t stand her. For someone who is all about positive energy, she sure seems pretty damn negative if you ask me.

Let’s talk about JC, the guy is a fireball, but he’s getting a bit too handsy in the house with a few of the houseguests. JC please be careful, we really don’t want to see another BB15 scandal because houseguests are doing or saying things they shouldn’t. Seems like people forget every year, you’re being watched 24/7. So with the battle lines drawn it looks like Sam might be saying ciao come Thursday night. Cue the internet because Angela and Rachel were caught saying some insensitive comments that were picked up by TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter. Hmm, I think producers chatted with the HGs about their behavior. They certainly don’t want another BB15 scandal like 2013.

It looks like Tyler and crew is looking for a split vote to bring Sam on board as a number, which is smart, but can also cause ire if Sam finds out the house wanted her out all along. She has no problem putting the truth out there if need be and I like that about Sam. However, if no one is evicted this week because Sam uses her power, that means the audience will have gone close to a month without seeing a HG bounced from the game, and that is not a good dynamic to me.

If Tyler were smart, he’d try to position the votes to save Sam, so that power she has can be used at a later time when it’s more crucial, let’s say when perhaps you’re on the block and perhaps on the verge of being booted from the game. I mean if there was anyone Sam would use the power on besides herself it would be Tyler, and keeping her power a secret is not that smart in my opinion. I’m liking what I see so far for BB20, let’s hope we get a season similar to BB6, which is very possible.