Tag: Kaitlyn

“Big Brother 20” Week 4 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Let me just say this; I hate rewind or non-eviction weeks on “Big Brother.” It slightly stalls the gameplay in my opinion, and the...

“Big Brother 20” Week 2 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—What a first week on “Big Brother 20” because fans were delivered a blindside and it was epic to say the least. All week...

“BB 20” Week 1 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—So “Big Brother 20” has officially arrived, and while it has become a staple of mine to recap each week of the summer for...

“Big Brother 20” Season Premiere!

HOLLYWOOD—Its back! My summer guilty pleasure “Big Brother” kicked off its 20th season this week and dare I say this: it’s all newbies. Perhaps,...
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