UNITED STATES—Every vaper dreams of a relaxing, fun, and exciting holiday ahead like anyone else. The holidays are coming and you are probably aware that vaping is more enjoyable during holidays! Say goodbye to horrible smoking and welcome the holiday season with vaping. If you’re a tobacco user, you might consider vaping to fully celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. You can get away with the glaring looks around when you’re smoking around large crowds. Play it safe and keep a low profile by investing in a vape pen or vaporizer. So what are your plans? Before making any final decision of where you’re going and your activities for the holidays, it pays reading through this article to get the most out of your vacation. Let’s get started!

Vaping and Holiday Fever

Holidays bring out everybody’s social butterflies. Vaping provides a comfortable and convenient way of consuming your favorite herb or concentrate without gaining so much attention as compared to smoking. Make your holiday merrier by switching to e-cigs. Do you have some travel plans? Aside from checking your passport, booking a flight, and planning your accommodation, vapers need to consider important things that can affect travel destination. Always make it a point to speak to the airline company representatives to check their vaping policy because established rules are now in place among airline companies, whether e-cigs can be stored in your travel bag or allowed on board. You can contact them via email, social media, or phone call. However, it is unlikely that vaping is allowed on-board.

You might ask, “Can I vape before boarding?” Some airports have vaping or smoking areas, but some are quite strict about it. The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air was amended by the International Civil Aviation Organization, which entails banning transporting of e-cigs or vaping devices in checked luggage worldwide. It means that vaping devices cannot be stored in the hold of any aircraft. When planning a vacation out of state or abroad, store all vaping devices and accessories in your carry-on travel bag.

Airports Allowing Vaping

The airports that allow vaping include Auckland, Athens, Budapest, Barcelona, Cancun, Chennai, Cairo, Dulles, Frankfurt, Florence, Heathrow, Lisbon, Marrakesh, Milan, Madrid, Melbourne, Mallorca, Miami, Nice, Vegas (McCarran), Toronto, Tampa, Vienna, and Warsaw. In the United Kingdom, if you are departing from Heathrow, you can vape as far as the gate. However, vaping within the terminal is not allowed at both Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. In Charles de Gaulle and Munich, vaping is only allowed in designated areas, which are usually shared spaced with smokers. If you are keen avoiding second-hand smoke, then it will be less than ideal.

There are restrictions covering the transportation of liquids on flights. They have been in place for many years, and e-liquids or e-juices are not exempt. Ensure that you comply with the rules for cabin bags. Also, carry any spare e-liquid bottles in the checked luggage. Don’t waste your e-liquid by taking them through security, make sure that it is safely kept away in the hold.

Vaping and the Law

To best enjoy your holiday vacation, it is essential to know the legal aspect of vaping in all the countries you’re planning to visit. In some places, vaping is completely banned. Be aware of the international vaping laws. Don’t be on the wrong side in places such as UAE. Vaping is illegal in Hong Kong and Singapore too. Don’t take a risk because you might end up in jail and spend your life there up to 10 years.

As a vaper, you need to be aware of the draconian laws. The Philippines and India have joined Vietnam in the introduction of jail sentences for packing a juul vape kit. A man was sentenced to prison for three years because of vape ban, and you could face four months imprisonment in the Philippines due to vaping public places. The riskiest holiday destinations include Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Lebanon. E-cigarettes are completely banned in Indonesia, Singapore, Oman, Jordan, UAE, and Egypt. Dubai Airport confiscates e-cigs and vape kits. E-cigarettes containing nicotine are banned in South Africa, Queensland (Australian state), and Malaysia.

Best Ways to Enjoy Vaping on Holidays

1. Invite Your Vape Buddies.

Set a barbecue party and invite your friends to come over your place. This is a fun and cheap way to spend the holidays and vape to the max. Do you want an unforgettable holiday celebration? Compile your favorite pop-rock songs and hold an all-night party strictly for vapers!

2. Shop a New Vape.

How long have you been using your current vaping device? You might need a new vape. Invest and treat yourself with the latest vape available online today, like the Yocan Evolve Plus. A worthy vape investment will take you a long way. Go for a quality coil and versatile atomizers for your favorite wax concentrate or dry herb. It’s probably the best time to upgrade your vaping device to something more sophisticated and fashionable. Holiday is the best time to check special deals on your favorite vape brands! To get the best deals on Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizers follow the link below:


3. Time to Experiment.

Are you more of a dry herb or a concentrate user? Why not try the flavorful e-liquids available today? You might love the rich flavor and big clouds they can provide for an ultimate vaping experience. Trying cappuccino or fruity e-juice can be so fun!

4. Find a Date.

There are many online dating platforms where you can find your best match. You might just bump into a sexy and beautiful blonde who also vapes in Tinder or Match Affinity. Holiday can be more special if you have someone you can take out, vape, dine, and have fun with!

5. Spend Your Time with Family.

There’s nothing more memorable than spending your time with your closest relatives. A family reunion is a good time to educate your teenage nephews and nieces about the ill-effects of smoking and at least introduce the facts about vaping without necessarily promoting the usage of vape. Encourage smoking family members to try vaping to help them become healthier and happier.

6. Learn New About Vaping.

If you decide to simply stay at home during the holidays, and you find watching TV too boring, why not learn something new about vaping? It’s a good way to increase your awareness of new laws and trends in the market. At least, you have something to share with new and expert vapers when you are in a group with friends or strangers.

Final Thought

Indeed, there are many ways to enjoy vaping during the holidays. Now, you are more confident about planning your holiday vacation. Planning is crucial to achieving a successful vaping holiday journey! You just need to think outside of the box and find a meaningful activity. By knowing the local and international vaping laws, you can fully enjoy vaping abroad without stress and hassle. If you prefer to stay home, you can invite family and friends to come over and join you. Of course, keep it for adults only and don’t forget to grab a new vape for a timely upgrade! Enjoy the holidays!