BEL AIR—A river of mud and debris swamped a backyard and residential street of the Beverly Crest neighborhood of Los Angeles as a result of a landslide on Monday, February 13.

The water flowed as a result from a ruptured 2-inch PVC water line from an abandoned sprinkler pipe, which compromised the hillside in the 2400 block of Briarcrest Road. The waterline on Briarcrest was shut down as Burroughs Road was flooded. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power were called to the scene to assist with shutting off water flow.

Erik Scott, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department indicated to ABC7 News that firefighters at the scene worked to shut off the water flow.

The river of mud filled a pool and damaged the patio furniture of the house in the 900 block of Burroughs Road with the interiors escaping damage. The LAFD tweeted:

“Reportedly a water line ruptured [at 9033 W Burroughs Rd] causing a small amount of mud to slide into a back yard. Total of 8 firefighters on-scene, ensuring safety, diverting water, and working to shut down the flow.”

There were no reports of any injuries from the incident. No structural damage was reported.

Written By Arjun Balasundaram and Casey Jacobs