HOLLYWOOD—A lot of things happened last week on Tyler Perry’s hit series, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” but nothing compared to what happened in this week’s episode, ‘Pieces of the Puzzle.’ The Ice Queen, Veronica Harrington suspected she had all the answers, but little did she know getting Jeffrey and Candace off for the murder of Quincy would be no easy task.

Things kicked off with Hanna in utter shock, as Candace and Benny avoided questions. It’s apparent that Hanna knows Benny was involved in covering up Quincy’s death. It was a nice moment to see Candace embrace her son, the bond between mother and child is unbreakable. It was apparent things were about to get super tense between mother, daughter and son. Hanna looked like she was on the verge of mentally snapping; she slapped her son several times and uttered a line that was infamous. Classic, classic and just sensational. It took Quincy Jr. to calm the situation before it reached unforgivable heights.

It was heartbreaking to hear Quincy Jr. share with his mother, Hanna’s concerns for her daughter, and his prayers to bring his mother into his orbit. Erica and David shared a bit of romance, in the aftermath of Hurricane Veronica, lol. Wow, Erica and David are moving quite fast to say the least, but is Erica actually falling for this guy?

Veronica arrived on the scene of Candace’s home to inquire about the search warrant being served on her client. Looks like Veronica has an enemy in George, the official investigating the crime scene where Quincy’s body was found. Veronica made it clear that Candace Young no longer owns this home; the bank owns the property, genius, anything found after 5 p.m. is not admissible in the court. However, she was thrown off by George’s admission that Jeffrey’s keys were found on Quincy’s body, hmm, things are getting messy. I mean Jim and Katheryn Cryer are being thrown into this madness. Only 20 minutes in and I’m hooked.

Jim and Veronica had a conversation about where their relationship stands, and Jim gave a peace offering, but it was apparent the two villains of this series are in cahoots. However, Jim is no dummy and was quite careful with the choice of words he used. He admitted to wanting Veronica killed, but David saved her life, and she got a slice of what David was feeling from his wife’s betrayal. Jim acknowledged he was aware of her involvement in the murder of Maggie Day. What a fool, she just confessed to committing a crime to Jim, and I love this cat-and-mouse game between these two. Fantastic banter and dialogue!

Veronica alluded to some information that could be game-changing, against her friends turned enemies. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Jeffrey received a visit from Justin who was looking for a bit of loving. Too bad, his evening was interrupted by his mother warning Jeffrey and Candace to stay hidden. What, she is still pushing this Melissa crap? Your son is gay Veronica, accept it already. Justin shared details with Jeffrey regarding his wife’s involvement in his mother’s case that could change things. The two shared a bit about their predicament, and Justin revealed that Jeffrey has led to a change in his character.

Things got interesting in Wyatt’s apartment as Quita and her pal continued to camp out, as Wyatt delivered a performance to leave them hoodwinked, and they discovered his funds are overseas. With his phone in his possession, Wyatt sent a text to Jeffrey asking for help. Quita and her pal are so stupid it’s not even funny. Back at the motel, the Young clan did their best to wrap their minds around their current predicament. Hanna received a call from Katheryn, as the two ladies chatted about their situations, and Katheryn offered to help her pal anyway possible, but Jim interrupted the situation.

In a panic, Katheryn learned that Veronica may have pulled strings that caused the authorities to ask a few questions. Well, well, next week, it’s apparent that Justin is envious of the relationship between Wyatt and Jeffrey and Warlock and Hanna have a TENSE conversation. Until next Temptation Tuesday, “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!