BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Fire Department is informing all residents who are in possession of a Kidde brand fire extinguisher to inspect their resident to ensure their extinguisher is not part of the company’s recent recall.

According to a press release from the city of Beverly Hills, Kidde is offering free replacements to anyone who has one or more of the recalled units, which includes brands and models produced between January 1, 1973 and October 25, 2015, as well as from January 2, 2012 to August 15, 2017.  To determine if your fire extinguisher is part of recall visit

For residents who need to file a claim, check the brand name and model number of the fire extinguisher against the CPSC recall notice. The model numbers can be found printed on the body of the fire extinguisher.  For additional details contact Kidde by calling (855) 271-0773 or visiting their website

Kidde has recalled over 40 million fire extinguishers since they have become clogged or failed to discharge properly during a fire. The recall includes 134 models manufactured as far back as 1973 and as recently as August 2017. All the recalled units have a plastic handle or push button that can break or detach when force is applied.  This is the third time the company issued a recall for this type of fire extinguisher. For resident, that have a non-rechargeable fire extinguisher that is 12 years or older than the date of manufacture it is recommended that it is replaced.