BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Office of Emergency Management, Resilience, and Recovery (OEM) is launching Disaster Ready, a business disaster certification program.

According to a press release from the city of Beverly Hills, a country-wide survey conducted by the Ad Council, found that 62 percent of participants did not have an emergency plan established for their business.

The Beverly Hills local economy is valued at nearly $20 billion and its daily population increases to 200,000 everyday due to the business community – there is a high possibility for a major disaster to significantly impact the City in both dollars and lives.

According to the city of Beverly Hills, Disaster Ready is a program to formally recognize disaster planning efforts of businesses, organizations, and institutions in the community to promote an expanded culture in Beverly Hills.

The program aims to increase disaster relief in the business community through recognition and education.

The goals of Disaster Ready include:

1. Obtain emergency plans from businesses serving each area of the business community, such as retail, professional services, real estate, restaurant, etc.

2. Create appealing incentives for businesses that participate.

3.  Foster knowledge of disaster preparedness activities.

This initiative will be the first business emergency preparedness recognition program in Beverly Hills.

For instructions on how to become a Disaster Ready partner, visit Once businesses complete the business plan and additional Preparedness Activity, they can submit their information directly via the Disaster Ready webpage.