BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Hilton reached a settlement with motivational speaker, Larry Poe, who claims he contracted a staph infection at the hotel’s spa back in 2016. The settlement was announced on Wednesday, September 11.

Attorneys for Poe filed against the hotel back in May 2017. Poe’s representation filed notice of settlement on August 30 at the Los Angeles Superior Court before Judge Stephen L. Goorvitch. Details surrounding the settlement agreement with Hilton Management LLC are unknown.

The suit states that Poe was a guest at the Beverly Hilton on February 23, 2016. He travels nationwide to give motivational speeches and to attend events. At the Hilton Aqua spa, he received a facial treatment where the aesthetician used tweezers to remove hair on his upper lip. As the aesthetician plucked Poe’s face, he began to feel a stinging on his upper lip. Both the aesthetician and Poe realized a small wound opened that was caused by the plucking.

According to court documents, after the aesthetician realized she cut Poe’s lip she applied a cream to the area. Even after the application, the wound began to swell and continued swelling for the next three days. He was admitted to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with MRSA and spent a total of four days in a quarantined region.

After being discharged from the hospital, he had a noticeable scar where the infection developed. According to the lawsuit, Poe indicated the scar negatively affected his appearance as a motivational speaker. The scar forced Poe to take time off work.

Representation for The Beverly Hilton argued that Poe was already infected with MRSA before visiting the spa and stated in their defense papers that no other patron complained of contracting an infection at the spa or hotel.

MRSA is a type of staph infection that is difficult to treat compared to other types of staph infections since it is resistant to antibiotics. MRSA is commonly spread by contact with contaminated items like razors, tweezers or towels.