BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills City Council on Tuesday, May 24, unanimously approved the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the Police Officers’ Association (POA) and Police Management Association (PMA) that now aligns the City’s Police Officer salaries with those of the City’s Firefighters and offers the highest base salary for a police officer in the southern region of California.

“This is a proud moment for our City,” said Mayor Lili Bosse. “Our motto is police and community together and when it comes to compensation, Beverly Hills is now Number One in all of Southern California. These new agreements will also achieve parity with the Fire Department and help us continue to recruit and retain the best of the best in public safety.”

In accordance with state law, Beverly Hills participates in labor negotiations (also known as collective bargaining) with its employee associations, or bargaining units.

“The results of these negotiations are written agreements, or contracts, reached between the City and the City employee associations. These agreements are commonly referred to as Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs),” said the city of BH in a news release.

The MOUs are available for review on the City’s website at