B&H Custom Window & Door Rises Above

BEVERLY HILLS—For nearly 20 years, B&H Custom Window & Door has provided  excellent service for those seeking to make a change and improve their homes.

B&H is known to its customers as an invaluable asset when it comes time to update the home. Whether for necessary window updates or for creative pleasure, B&H Custom Window & Door stands distinguished as a company which both answers the call of customer service and does so in a personalized and refined manner.


B&H operator Curt Wallace notes that B&H’s business philosophy “has always been to listen carefully to our customers and tailor our product selection and services to their needs. This has lead to not only a steady growth, but to something that we are very proud of — that our customer base is 70 percent referrals.”

With a referral rate that high, it is no surprise that B&H has enjoyed steady business for over 18 years. The team at B&H doesn’t just install new windows and doors: B&H also does staining and painting work, so you can have the entire project completed in one fell swoop.

Wallace characterized the difference between B&H and its competition: those at B&H want the customer to want to feel empowered and play an active and enjoyable role in the home improvement process. “We have a very different view of the sales process: we prefer not to ‘sell’ our customers — we want them to buy. It’s a way of business that continues to serve us well.”

One of the many ways in which B&H separates itself from the competition is by encouraging potential clients to come to their showroom and see what inspires them. The team at B&H is highly knowledgeable and happy to offer wise directions to those homeowners who may not know exactly what they desire in a home renovation project.

The team at B&H prides itself on the myriad of relationships enjoyed as a result of B&H’s top-notch work. B&H maintains close connections with many contractors who “rely on us when they are in need of windows, doors, mouldings, hardware or just have a question that needs answering.”

The team at B&H is knowledgeable, friendly and trusted by the many happy customers who have utilized their services. The next time you are considering some home improvements and want the best, consider B&H Custom Window & Door!