BEVERLY HILLS—The Small Wonders Foundation partnered with pediatric plastic surgeon, John Reinisch, to bring hope and healing to 40 children from 19 countries who were born with physical abnormalities who needed funds for surgery.

According to the Small Wonders Foundation website, the surgeries are done at the International Institute for Microtia Repair located at 250 North Robertson Blvd. Ste 506 in Beverly Hills. They shared the story of a 12-year-old boy, Diego, from Pueblo, Mexico who was born with bilateral microtia, a rare birth defect. Both ears were not completely developed and lived being unable to hear and had difficulty speaking.

With the expertise of Dr. Rienisch, Neuro Otologist, Joseph Roberson, and the Small Wonders Foundation, Diego received new ears. Diego’s mother, Alma reached out to the Small Wonders Foundation for help, and he is currently attending college and is an aspiring gymnast and spokesperson for Small Wonders.

“Small Wonders and Dr. Rienisch made my dreams come true. Meeting these wonderful people changed my life. They give people hope,” Diego stated.

Canyon News spoke to Beth from Small Wonders who shared a story about Alexis La Grega, of Staten Island, New York.  She is the child who was denied access to a Disney store because she could not wear a face mask due to her microtia.  Her ears were not formed completely and she is deaf in one ear.

Alexis had to utilize a mask you could pull up from one’s neck like a scarf, but it would not suffice, as it would not wrap around her ears.  Alexis’s mother, Holly, indicated that it was after this incident that she decided she had to do something.

“What happened at the Disney store was shocking and disappointing to have your child discriminated against for a physical condition was so upsetting.  I knew I couldn’t let it go because I don’t want this to happen to any other child,” said Holly about the Small Wonders Foundation.

The Small Wonders Foundation is a California-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides education, awareness, and funding for surgeries for children in the U.S. and from around the world who otherwise could not afford it or were denied by insurance companies.

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