BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, June 30, the Beverly Hills Police Department will have a new interim Police Chief in the form of law enforcement veteran, Dominick Rivetti. He is scheduled to appear before the Beverly Hills City Council, which will make official his role as Police Chief. Rivetti, 66, will replace the retiring David Snowden, who has served in the position since 2004.

The Beverly Hills Police Chief’s responsibilities are described by the website as, “preventing crime, protecting life and property, suppressing criminal activity, apprehending and prosecuting offenders and preserving the public peace.”

Dominick Rivetti will assume the role of Beverly Hills Interim Police Chief on Tuesday.
Dominick Rivetti will assume the role of Beverly Hills Interim Police Chief on Tuesday.

Rivetti has over 45 years of experience in law enforcement. He served in the San Fernando Police Department for 31 years, joining as a patrol officer in 1970, becoming a detective in 1976, and making lieutenant in 1982.

He was sworn in as Police Chief of that department in 1986, serving until 2001. He later joined the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office as Law Enforcement Liaison, where he was responsible for serving as the mediator between the District Attorney’s office and the city’s large population of police officers. While there, he also served for nine years as Chief of the Bureau of Investigation until his retirement on August 1, 2014. He has also served as president of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association.

Beverly Hills Mayor Julian Gold expressed faith in Rivetti’s appointment, stating, “Chief Rivetti is the ideal person to guide the Beverly Hills Police Department through this transition.” He also praised his “ability to work with diverse groups and find common ground.”

It has been stated by the BHPD that Rivetti will not be considered for the position of permanent Police Chief. It is unclear how long Rivetti will serve as interim or when a permanent chief will be appointed.

The BHPD consists of four divisions and approximately 127 sworn police officers that service the city’s estimated 34,000 residents.