UNITED STATES−On February 16, President Joe Biden spoke and answered questions from the audience during a CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper located in the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Biden’s speech has been under scrutiny for things he said. They discussed the coronavirus and small talk before transitioning to discuss the quarantine,

Biden chided Cooper saying, “I know you like being home with the baby more…”

“He’s nine and a half months so I’m very happy,” Cooper responded.

“I get it, no, no, everybody knows I like kids better than people,” President Biden replied.

Biden’s gaff at the Town Hall went viral. Cooper continued with the interview questioning Biden about the availability of the vaccines.

“By the end of July this year. We have, we came into office, there were only 50 million doses that were available. We have now, by the end of July we’ll have over 600 million doses, enough to vaccinate every single American,” Biden answered.

Cooper asked “By the end of July, do you mean they will be available or that people will have actually been able to get them because of Dr. Fauci…”

“Here, look. What we did, we got into office and found out the supply, there was no backlog, I mean there was nothing in the refrigerator figuratively and literally speaking. And there are 10 million doses a day that was available. We’ve upped that in the first three weeks that we’re in office to significantly more than that,” President Biden replied.

“We have made significant strides increasing the number of vaccinators. I issued an Executive Order allowing former retired docs and nurses to do it. We have over a thousand military personnel. The CDC has, I mean, excuse me, we have gotten the National Guard engaged.”


Joe Concha referenced former President Donald Trump’s, Operation Warp Speed, about getting a vaccine out to Americans in less than a year’s time, and called Biden’s response, “A straight up lie.”

According to reports, Biden asked Cooper beforehand, if the media couldn’t possibly, “Give him a break.”