HOLLYWOOD─Guys I have been a fan of “Big Brother” since the beginning and I have watched almost every season with minor misses for the first season, season four and season 9. However, I have three seasons as my top: BB6, BB7 and BB10. Recently, I indulged in a re-watch of “Big Brother 10” and it was just as great the second watch as it was the first time around. Why? This was the first season of the reality hit in years that went back to basics. There were no over the top powers thrown into the game, there were no game changing twist beyond Dan Gheesling being America’s Player, no jury battle back, just pure game play.

I don’t know what casting did back then, but they absolutely NEED to return to that formula. I mean this is hands down one of the best cast the series has had since BB6 and BB7. There was never a dull week on this season, and the season’s winner Dan, was not controlling the game right at the start of things. Dan was in hot water week 1, week 2 and nearly could have been voted out if Keesha decided to stick with the massive alliance and not target the floaters. Keesha really changed the game with that decision, otherwise we could have had a different season people.

It still baffles me to this day that Keesha Smith has not been asked back to play again. This woman was fantastic TV and was a gamer people. Um, she was the reason that Jessie was sent packing during week 4 delivering that blindside that blew up the house and gave audiences some of the best moments in BB history. Um, hello did anyone see Keesha’s Birthday. Sensational TV, not to mention the fallout from Jessie’s eviction that led to World War III in the house after Michelle won Head of Household.

Season 10 just has such epic moments. Jerry calling Dan Judas during the Power of Veto Meeting, Dan implementing Veto Roulette, Michelle and Ollie being blindsided, Keesha being evicted by Memphis over Jerry, Libra getting into fights with everyone, and we cannot forget about the hilarious Renny people. I would pay to see any of these characters play a second time because in my personal opinion they all deserve it and were so much fun to watch on TV.

I mean has BB ever considered a redo of a season? Listen to me because I know it sounds crazy, but imagine bringing back all of the players from a previous season to compete against each other once again for the $500,000 prize. It would be interesting to see. Would people who aligned before align again? Would old drama bubble back to the surface? Who would be a big target right away, would players who easily maneuvered out of dicey situations in the past be able to do it again? Would the current changes to the games with over the top powers impact how previous players play in the current climate?

Just think about that one for a minute America because I think it’s a genius idea that could be pulled off and would be a lot of fun to watch. I hear this question all the time from people regarding what season I would recommend to a newbie wanting to get into the “Big Brother” fandom. I would always note “Big Brother 6” because I loved the dynamics of two sides of the house being against each other, and I also loved “Big Brother 7” aka ‘All Stars,’ but “Big Brother 10” is back to basics and a ton of fun to watch.

Libra, Keesha, Dan, Memphis, Michelle, Ollie, April, Jerry, Jessie, Renny, Brian, Steven, Angie, all great and entertaining people and players that delivered a season that was a rollercoaster ride from the start of the season to its end. If you have not seen BB10, what in the hell are you waiting for America, get on it right now because with rumors of “Big Brother 22” being all-stars we MIGHT fingers crossed see 1, maybe 2 of these characters back on the screen again.