HOLLYWOOD—Wow. Yep, that’s the only thing I could truly say about the final ramp-up week of “Big Brother 17.” With Julia finally being pushed out the door, Vanessa came into power; perhaps a bad move in her game, in my opinion. She had both Liz and Austin on her side, as well as Steve and Johnny Mac. By choosing to win HOH, she had to pick a side and ended up choosing Austin and Liz. So much for deals; it resulted in Steve and Johnny Mac being nominated.

With his back against the wall, Johnny Mac surprised everyone when he took the veto. Yep, this is the same guy who told Austin and Liz he would throw the veto. That’s why we love Johnny; we never have an idea of precisely what he will do. This caused a ripple in Vanessa’s plans. She threw a hissy fit as usual, as she would have done anything to get ‘more blood on her hands.’ Hey Vanessa, welcome to BB. In the end, Austin was nominated alongside Steve.

This was one of the best evictions of the season. Johnny Mac strategically got in Vanessa’s head and made it possible to break up the last remaining showmance in the house. When the vote came down to a tie, Vanessa was forced to vote and chose to evict Austin. To say he was shocked was an understatement. He was furious, he yelled at Vanessa and threatened that she couldn’t win the game. Hmm, not a good idea to put that mindset into the remaining player’s ear Austin. In a rush, a new HOH was crowned and we saw the final veto competition of the season courtesy of Beast Mode Cowboy, AKA Caleb Reynolds, from “Big Brother 16.” Steve rose to power and nominated Vanessa and Johnny Mac. I almost felt Steve should have allowed Johnny to win HOH, but that idea of him forgetting to add the zero in the tiebreaker question I was not buying. During the final four veto competition it was a knock-out challenge, which allowed Vanessa to rise to victory.

The fact that Liz jumped into Vanessa’s arms and believed this woman is her ally is beyond frustrating. Liz, open your eyes; if you go to the end with Vanessa, no chance in hell are you winning the game. Not happening, unless it’s a beyond bitter jury like “Big Brother 14,” which crowned Ian over Dan.

Sorry, Dan might have been the villain, but his gameplay was phenomenal. Per usual, Vanessa evicted her ‘ally’ Johnny Mac, leaving us with a final three of Steve, Vanessa and Liz. Yeah, not the most exciting turnout, I must say. I love Vanessa, but the fact that she won’t own her game in the diary room makes it impossible for me to root for her.

The race for the final HOH competition began with an endurance comp that lasted close to four hours. Vanessa took the first part, and made her agreement with Liz to take her to the final two. Oh, Vanessa is damn smart; she knows the possibility of beating Steve is a bit more difficult. She was eagerly hoping that Liz would rise to power in the second comp, but nope; it was Steve who was victorious. That places a major ripple in Vanessa’s plan, as she has to do battle with Steve for the final part of the HOH competition during Wednesday’s finale.

This is where things will become slightly fun because whoever knows the jury best will have the edge, and I think Vanessa might be in a pickle. She knows the game, but she didn’t really bond with half of the jury. She stayed with her allies: Shelli, Austin and Julia, which might cost her when it comes to guessing what James, Meg, Becky, Jackie and Johnny Mac are thinking.

Yes, Vanessa is the best competitor of the season, but she didn’t own her game and she made quite a few enemies in the jury house. Did Liz do enough to claim victory? It depends; she won comps, but she was also a houseguest who didn’t socialize with most of the members in the jury besides her alliance members.

Steve is a polarizing character, while not the best social player; he did build bonds with almost everyone in the jury including Becky who was not his favorite person. The thing that could catapult Steve to victory is if he is able to take out Vanessa. That will be a huge marker on his resume, as everyone else in jury was onto her game, but did nothing to take her out. Could you imagine the look on the poker player’s face if she is this close victory and loses at the end? It would be priceless.

We only have two days left before a new champ is crowned. Who do you think will be the winner of “Big Brother 17,” and why?