HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been eagerly anticipating the season three finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Season two ended on a climatic cliffhanger, and season three was no different. In the episode amply titled ‘When Chickens Come Home’ saw all of this season’s juicy plotlines come to an epic head.

The episode opened with Jeffrey and Candace enjoying a few moments by the Jacuzzi, while discussing her fear of Quincy. Candace was none too pleased to be confronted by Benny and Hanna about her house being burnt down. It led to an epic confrontation between mother and daughter, where Candace was forced to fess up to all her schemes. She was in the hot seat, and when the lies started to surface she didn’t know how to respond. Candace confessed that she obtained large sums of money.

Benny and Hanna teamed up against Candace who refused to share details about where her funds came from, but attempted to prove her case by showing her brother her bank account. Just as Benny and Hanna left the abode, Quincy showed up to Candace’s home. Wyatt and Jeffrey were adamant about getting their hands on his vehicle as evidence against their parents.

Candace alerted Jeffrey about her predicament, and she realized that she may have been set-up by Jim Cryer. Just when the viewer suspected that Oscar stole Candace’s money he seemed thrown by her accusations.

Veronica had a conversation with David, which produced a gleeful smile on Maggie’s face. Husband and wife discussed the prospects of him running for the governor’s seat, but David refused to betray his friend. She alerted David about getting his hands on Jeffrey’s car to protect them. A heated confrontation occurred between Candace and her new lover, where accusations were traded and a slap to the face occurred. He admitted that he stole her money, which led to Candace about to stab Oscar, but Quincy showed up and viciously attacked Candace. It was brutal to watch.

Hanna returned to her burned down home, where she learned that she received custody of Quincy Jr. Wyatt and Jeffrey spotted Veronica entering the tow yard. Benny and Veronica discussed his current predicament which led to another hot and heavy session, which was recorded by Jeffrey and Wyatt. Hanna was near tears when she got the opportunity to hold her grandson, which unnerved Hanna slightly when she realized she had no place to live.

Back at the campaign office, Oscar reported to David, who was the person who hired him to take back all of Candace’s money. Uh-oh, David has just started a war with an enemy who will be gunning for him. So Oscar’s real name is Brandon. It was a tender moment to see Quincy Jr. express his love for his grandmother; one of those tearjerker for fans of the series.

David provided Jim with paperwork confirming that the money that was stolen by Candace had been recovered. Jim was none too pleased with his pal; he just showed him the door. How could David expect Jim to be pleased with the factoid that his wife was responsible for his son being raped in prison? Wyatt made a deal with the district attorney, and he disclosed details of where the car was located.

During a tense press conference, Jim announced all of his past transgressions which shocked Maggie, David and Veronica. Flashbacks revealed Jim having the prison guard murdered, and then having the prisoner who raped his son killed. He delivered a speech where he spoke the truth for once and all. Jim Cryer being the fighter he is, decided to continue to run for Governor for the State of Georgia.

David announced that he was planning to run anyway, just as the district attorney crashed the party and arrested Veronica, Katheryn, David and Veronica connecting them to Wyatt’s cover-up in the hit-and-run and that she has the car. Let’s just say the parents were none too happy to be embarrassed.

The final moments ended with Jeffery coming to Candace’s rescue which resulted in him fatally stabbing Quincy to death to save his pal. Wow, I did not see that coming, but I was secretly hoping someone would come to Candy’s rescue. That was one hell of a finale and I can’t wait till January 2016 to see what other drama unfolds. Until then “The Haves and the Have Nots” die-hards!