HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, after the double eviction chaos, I thought week 8 would be an interesting one in the “Big Brother 17” compound, but it turned out to be one the biggest snore fests this season in my opinion. Of course, the HOH competition would be something silly considering all the chaos that occurred during the double eviction.

The competition was a knock-out and the last two remaining houseguests were Liz and Johnny Mac. Any guesses as to who reigned supreme? It was Liz. Oh, goody. Yep, the Austwins, as they have been properly coined, rose to power this week and set their sights on Becky and Johnny Mac.

It’s slightly frustrating as a viewer and fan of the series because one suspects that the players would realize how dangerous it would be to allow a trio, not to mention a set of twins to get this far into the game without attempting to shatter that alliance. For starters, Liz has been the most dominant of the three. She previously won an HOH, won another and also took home the POV this week. She controlled all the power and could make a big move by taking out ally Vanessa.

The house needs to realize very quickly that Vanessa is a master manipulator, but her emotions get the best of her. If the houseguests picked up on that, they could use her emotional overtones against her. Just imagine if Evel Dick was in the house with Vanessa; he would have made her self-evict by now by taunting her. Not only would she be frazzled, but it would affect her in the competitions. Liz decided she didn’t want any ‘blood’ on her hands by taking out Vanessa. Houseguests, if Vanessa makes it to the end of this game she wins. Whoever takes her out, will have plenty of ammunition to use in their final speech to the jury.

I seriously had no idea who was the target in the house, Johnny Mac or Becky, but it appears what Vanessa wants she gets and Becky was evicted by a unanimous vote. This house voting crap is seriously starting to get on my nerves. Can people man up and vote how they want? There wasn’t any drama in the house this week, just plain boredom in my opinion. Vanessa is certain she is in still good graces with her former ‘Sixth Sense’ members, but they have knocked her down to the bottom of the totem pole and aligned with Meg and James.

I love Meg and James, after Jason was evicted I was seriously rooting for them, but these two are so DAMN dumb sometimes it annoys the hell out of me. Look, you’re not in summer camp, get out of bed and play the game. That is why you were blindsided in week 5 and the same will happen again real soon. Go after Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Julia. We’re getting down to the wire and deals are going to be broken: this is “Big Brother”, it’s ok for you to lie, cheat and backstab to win $500,000.

This week Austin finally won something and is the new HOH. Wonder what Austin, I mean Vanessa has planned for this week. I must say I’m eagerly awaiting Thursday’s live eviction because this week marks the return of a juror, which means a shake-up is bound to happen in the house and I’m dying to see someone go after Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia and make no apologies for doing so.

The only people I can see making that happen is Becky, Jackie, Johnny Mac, Steve or Shelli. Guess what, that means whoever comes back into the house will be a major thorn for the other side; that’s exactly what the viewers are hoping for, a bit of drama to make the game exciting once again!