HOLLYWOOD—I personally love when there is tension in the household, because it makes for great TV. Week four of “Big Brother 18” was definitely one of those weeks where sneaky moves were occurring.

Bridgette is the Head of Household this week and she is one of the few people who is sure about who should go home. Frank is gunning for Tiffany from the get go and suggests to Bridgette to choose between Bronte, Tiffany and Paul.

Even though Bridgette is HOH, it seems like the whole week is focused on Frank. A big part of it is Frank’s social game. He attempts to be a comedian but his harsh kind of comedy falls flat with most of the house, and he doesn’t even realize it!

This especially affected Da’Vonne causing Frank to become the main target for her. Even though he apologized to Da’Vonne about a certain butt spanking incident, she is only playing nice with him so she can eventually get him out of the game.

Bridgette goes along with Frank’s suggestion and nominates Tiffany and Paul. She says it is a game move and afterwards Bronte comforts her saying their blood is on Frank’s hands according to the rest of the house.

In this week’s BB Roadkill, it is a memory game trying to match a little tune with five different sounding horns. The winner is Frank! Frank tells Nicole, Corey, Michelle and James that he won, but Da’Vonne, Tiffany and Zakiyah figure it out. Frank’s secret nominee is one of Bridgette’s best friends: Bronte.

On Wednesday, Bronte and Tiffany speculate on who is the bigger target while Paul is doing a great job laying low this week. Bronte spills her secret to her other Spy Girls, Bridgette and Natalie, that she is the “secret nerd” of the game and is a super smart mathematician.

James must have done his homework between seasons, because he knows when to talk and when to keep his mouth shut. James warns Natalie about Frank since they have gotten close enough to be on the verge of a showmance. This is a double edged sword for Natalie, though, because the information is good for her game, but she now has to keep a secret from her Spy Girls.

The Power of Veto players are picked: Bridgette, Paul, Tiffany, Bronte, Paulie and Bronte’s pick: Natalie. This week’s competition is cooking themed where the contestants have to watch a sequence of ingredients and pour the right one into their bowl. If they pick the wrong ingredient the bowl explodes and covers the contestant in paint and glitter.

Bronte and Natalie are the first ones out followed by Paulie. Tiffany is out next leaving the competition between Paul and Bridgette. Bridgette won, but her victory is short lived. Frank tries to congratulate her with a back to back jump and accidentally injures her ankle. On a good note for Bridgette, since she won her team Category Four and team Big Sister get Outback Steakhouse for dinner.

Bronte senses Natalie is withholding information and tries to find out information from James with no luck. Natalie is upset that Frank is using Bridgette. Speaking of Bridgette, are you kidding me girl! Frank tells you he had put you up week one and he put your friend Bronte up this week, and you are just ok with that!

At the POV meeting Bridgette decides not to use the veto.

Before week’s four eviction everyone gets to choose sides: Da’Vonne or Frank. Da’Vonne brought up the idea that it might be better to keep Tiffany because she would not betray the 8-Pack, minus Frank. Frank, on the other hand, wants Tiffany out since he is her biggest target.

Some campaigning goes around the house to get the numbers to vote out Bronte over Tiffany. Nicole is stuck in the middle between choosing sides, until Frank makes the bad decision to confide in Michelle about his plans to take out Da’Vonne and tells her that Nicole is in on it.

When Michelle tells Nicole and Da’Vonne everything Frank told her, Nicole decides she will have nothing to do with Frank. Paulie is another flip vote for this eviction, because he sees that there are both pros and cons to keeping Tiffany.

Tiffany’s eviction speech might have flipped some votes as she openly bashes Frank and says that if she stays she will be going after Frank and Bridgette. The vote comes 5-4-0 with poor sweet Bronte evicted. Bronte is understanding and excited about Battle Back.

This week’s HOH competition is another memory competition called “Euro Trippin.” The night before the houseguests got to view pictures on the memory wall of Glenn, Jozea and Victor vacationing in Europe.

During the HOH, the houseguests had to answer true or false questions about the pictures. This was one fast competition as half the competitors are eliminated first round. Paulie wins his second HOH in round three!

So, Paulie and Category Four, including Frank, are safe for this week. I am wondering what kinds of repercussions Tiffany’s eviction speech are going to cause and how safe Da’Vonne is going to be since Frank can’t get voted out this week. Until next eviction night Big Brother fans!

Big Brother airs on CBS at 8 p.m. on Sundays, 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, and 9 p.m. on Thursdays. There will also be a special episode on Friday, July 22, to show the Battle Back with next week’s evicted houseguest and past evictees Glenn, Jozea, Victor and Bronte.