HOLLYWOOD—After months of being teased about the mysterious Claudette, she made her presence well known in Port Charles on “General Hospital” this past week. Yes, the woman who captured PCPD Officer Nathan West before Maxie Jones swooped into town with an agenda that is still not 100 percent clear. Nathan almost reacted to seeing a ghost when his wife showed up at the Metro Court.

Its apparent there are still some lingering feelings between the two, and things are only further complicated with Maxie finally coming face-to-face with Claudette who just hoodwinked her for a job position at Crimson. Maxie can indeed be a jealous fiend, so expect the claws to come out in the coming weeks between these two, especially once Maxie learns of Claudette’s connection to Griffin.

Yep, the writing was on the wall months ago; Claudette was cheating on Nathan with Griffin, whom, Nathan has no idea about. Yes, it’s slightly complicated, but worth pointing out that Griffin knows about Nathan and that he’s the guy that left him with that gunshot wound.

There is definitely a fiery attitude that Claudette brings to PC that is well needed; this is a vixen looking to cause trouble and she’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers along the way. I would just love to see the interaction between Claudette and Carly. That would be a catfight worth watching people. What’s funny is how quickly Maxie was ready to label this girl her new BFF, not realizing she was being played like a fiddle all along. We already know Maxie digs for information, especially when it relates to all matters in the arena of love. So I’d say it won’t take long before she discovers the connection between Nathan and Griffin.

The writers have definitely pushed the narrative in a direction to suggest that Griffin and Maxie could soon hook-up. Wonder how Nathan will respond to Griffin being responsible for him losing the 2 great loves in his life?

Of course, people we have to discuss one hot button issue in PC that involves the crumbling relationship between Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis. Yep, Julian totally allowed Alexis to get arrested for killing Carlos, a deed Alexis is well aware her husband carried out. This attorney was out for blood and with the help of Anna, Jordan and Paul; Alexis wore a wire where she got Julian to confess to murdering Carlos. That’s it people, Anna has been waiting to nail her nemesis for nearly 30 years, and finally she has gotten the evidence she needed.

There is one slight hiccup, Julian discovered that his wife was wearing a wire and played him like a fool. Yeah, to say he was angry would be a massive understatement. Why? Well he reacted by holding her hostage and planning to murder his wife with the same knife Helena used to kill Alexis’ mother. With her life on the line, Alexis took that knife and stabbed Julian in the back. Well, we know he’s not dead, but this surely puts Sam in a crazy situation. Who does she side with; her mother or her father? Place your bets people!

Speaking of Sam, she came face-to-face with her devious cousin Nikolas on Cassadine Island with Ava Jerome. Yes, Ava always seems to find herself in situations that the audience least expects. I mean this woman should be jailed with the key totally thrown away just like her nefarious brother. Let’s just say plenty of people in PC will not be happy with Nikolas when he returns to explain how he miraculously returned from beyond the grave. Looks like summer will be a hot one on “General Hospital!”