HOLLYWOOD—My summer guilty pleasure is back people, that’s right “Big Brother” kicked off its 19th season on Wednesday, June 28 with 16 fresh houseguests competing for a $500,000 prize. The story of the night wasn’t all about the houseguests, it was about the twists and turns that viewers should expect for this season. The premiere episode is always great because the audience gets to learn about the contestants and as always we have the Chenbot aka Julie Chen.

Things kicked off with plenty of temptation: a $25k prize, a fan favorite getting the opportunity to come back into the game and an eviction! I have to admit these contestants feel like they are going to be plenty of fun. Christmas seems like one to watch, Dominique is giving me shades of Jamika (BB8) and Jocasta (BB16), and Mark seems like a character editors will have plenty of fun with; he’s a tough guy who is a softie at heart. Per usual, BB broke the contestants up into two groups: Mark, Alex, Ramses, Elena, Kevin, Dominque, Jason and Christmas; the second group consisted of Jillian, Matthew, Josh, Jessica, Cody, Raven, Megan and Cameron.

Can I just say, Ramses looks like he will be gold when it comes to diary room confessions, as well as Christmas, and I was surprised by Kevin (he’s funnier than I expected). Josh is going to be a hoot to watch, Jessica might be underestimated, as well as Megan, who seems like she can be quite sneaky. Cody is nothing like in his interviews with Jeff, so that guy could be a major contender. I have to admit this is a great, diverse cast people. Showmance alerts: Christmas & Matthew, and Cody and Jessica. Ramses are you crazy, why are you forming a super fan alliance already with Alex, Megan and Jillian! People are already lying about their careers, and I feel like this will be the season of showmances people.

Julie dropped the first bomb on the houseguest by revealing the ‘Summer of Temptation’ theme which will impact the game in ways never expected. The first temptation involved the houseguests sitting in pods, as Julie tempted them with a $25,000 prize, but accepting will result in consequences. The good thing is the winner will remain anonymous; I’m surprised so many people were against the temptation, but KEVIN won the prize. The consequence is the person who claimed the prize can’t win the first HOH (that’s a big one people)! The second consequence was introduction of a 17th houseguest, a former fan favorite, who was none other than: PAUL from BB18! I will admit, I’m torn on this twist, because Paul is an all-star and should be reserved for an actual all-star season, not with newbies.

Looks like friction between Paul and Cody people, and I feel like Cameron might be digging a grave by continuing to chat. Julie dropped another twist, by revealing Paul was swapping with another houseguest in the first night. Wow, BB14 and BB18 all over again! The houseguests got another temptation: safety. This time it involved the houseguests cozying up to Paul to save themselves! Paul had to choose 8 people to offer safety to, which is a great bargaining tool for strategy. Offer the bracelets to those who will promise him safety if they win HOH. As the only vet, he has to align with the newbies to give himself a fighting chance.

Raven wasn’t winning Paul’s charm, neither was Cody, gosh, this was exhausting to watch the houseguests beg for safety. Did anyone even think about strategy whatsoever, but Josh and Paul look like they can be a dynamic duo. Paul is no dummy, breaking the bracelets evenly between men and women, superfans and competitors is smart. Garnering safety were Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark (he does look like Johnny Bravo lol), Jason, Jessica, Ramses and Elena.

That means Cody, Matthew, Megan, Alex, Josh, Cameron, Jillian and Christmas competing to stay in the game. Yes, the rivalry between Cody and Paul is going to be epic this season the longer those two stay in the game! It was a competition of endurance, and those who fall will select an apple (some which granted safety, others will lead to downfall). Man, the competitions are getting riskier and more elaborate people. Jillian was first to fall, and Cody and Christmas proved they are competitors, just as Megan, Josh and Cameron all dropped. So our final three are Alex, Cody and Matt, but after Matt dropped, Cody tried to bargain with Alex, but she wasn’t buying it, but it was Cody who took the win.

It was time to open the apples and it looks like Christmas, Cameron and Jillian could see their game come to an end. Hmm, out of these three I think Cameron and Jillian are in the most trouble people, I hate random choice twists that totally change the game. Julie revealed the final temptation of the night, which involved power, but only for the 3 houseguests at risk of eviction. They could leave their fate in their hands of their houseguests or battle against their fellow houseguests for safety. Jillian wanted a vote, Cameron wanted to compete, and Christmas decided to vote. Hmm, that was surprising people! I would not have placed things in the hands of the house.

The scrambling began with the houseguests, but it looks like as I expected Cameron might be in major trouble. It’s not normal for me to witness an eviction on premiere night, so this is a first people, and we didn’t even get to see who cast their vote for? Julie revealed that Christmas was safe, but Cameron received the boot. Julie revealed even more surprises, with the first HOH competition of the season, and the Den of Temptation allows America to vote 1 houseguest each week receive a temptation. Once offered a temptation, the houseguest can no longer receive one. What was interesting the pendant Julie mentioned allowed a houseguest to be protected for the next 3 evictions.

I must say BB19 looks like it’s going to be filled with twist after twist, which might impact the game in my opinion people. “Big Brother” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m., Sundays at 8 p.m. and Wednesdays at 8 p.m.