HOLLYWOOD—This is a series that has found a way to keep me invested after a slow start, but its drama that punches you at the core. It real, its visceral and its poignant people. I’m referring to the OWN series “Queen Sugar.” Things picked up where they left off with Charley, Ralph Angel and Nova still battling for power over their father’s land, little do the sisters know about that will Ralph Angel found revealing that their father left the land to his son.

He has yet to reveal that little detail to his sisters, just as Darla encouraged him to not keep the secret for too long. Charley who was certain her mill proposal would go through without any hiccups was thrown when investors revealed that they would only sign on the dotted line if her husband Davis West was part of the deal. It led to the business savvy sister having to re-navigate her plan. Aunt Violet was hoping to save her relationship with Hollywood, but I suspect that ship has sailed, even though she has attempted on multiple occasions.

At the heart of the two-night premiere, was the tackling of a serious issue in America: racism. Anyone who is African-American and male are fully aware of the issue of ‘DWB’ or what many know as Driving While Black. Charley’s son, Micah was arrested for driving an expensive car and the color of his skin. Just watching the scene of this kid having no clue as to what was transpiring, just as a White cop pulls him over with no cause is a reverberation of the fact that it still happens all the time in America. It’s happening to so many men of color and we have a criminal justice system that doesn’t really see the problem with the issue.

It echoes back to an issue of cops abusing their authority per usual to wield a bit of power because they can do so. There needs to be more accountability people. Watching Micah be carted off to jail, fear riddled in his eyes and sitting in a jail cell without any idea why he was arrested is a tough, tough pill to swallow. Micah was indeed scared straight behind bars. Making the situation worse is the fact that the cops seemed so disinterested in the concern of his parents that was until basketball superstar Davis West ushered into the station and left everyone star-struck. I mean seriously an officer asking for a selfie, I should not be surprised in the least.

Darla delivered a bit of heartache for Ralph Angel by pumping the breaks on their relationships which seems to be moving quite fast to say the least people. Charley is indeed a badass, because instead of waiting for her cheating husband to sign on the dotted line, she forged his signature without his permission to get the results she wanted. Yes, the wisest sister hasn’t had the best few days, I mean with the mill, Micah, Davis, and the bomb that Davis dropped about wanting joint custody rocked Charley to the core. We finally saw that tough exterior shatter until a billion pieces; pure authenticity people.

Nova was on a mission to spread the buzz about her event, just as Ralph Angel was determined to woo Darla with a bit of old school courtship with an actual date. Micah took actions to move out of the shadows of the sheltered life he has lived courtesy of his parents, by taking public transportation and venturing to parts of New Orleans that he has never seen before. Love the idea of seeing this series tackle the issue of gender socialization and kids, especially with Blue who enjoys playing with dolls and not actual action figures. That scene with his father sticking up for his son in the presence of a waiter who wasn’t that fond of seeing the child play with that doll was riveting TV.

Micah felt connected surrounded by the people and the message that his aunt ushered about incarcerated Black youth, Black men and the ongoing trend of unarmed Blacks dying at the hands of police officers. I’m quite surprised how heavily invested I have become in this drama. “Queen Sugar” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.