HOLLYWOOD—Well after nearly 3 months, my summer guilty pleasure has come to an end. We were on a downward spiral for the past month, but the final four HOH was one for the ages. Why? JC, the guy who won no competitions up till this point, forced a ripple in Level 6’s plan to make it to the final 3 (Angela, Tyler and Kaycee). I’m more livid over the fact that the feeds were down for close to 36 hours, so BB fanatics missed all the glory of seeing that trio shake in their boots.

JC, burnt by Tyler and Angela sought revenge and nominated the showmance. The Power of Veto would determine who to evict, and Kaycee, man this woman is a competition beast would win her fifth POV in 5 weeks. Kaycee has serious problems with public speaking that that will hurt her greatly in the final 2. More on that later, but at long last I was ecstatic that Angela, the not-so Ice Queen got a taste of her own medicine and was sent to the jury! I just wish she would have stayed in the jury house for at least a week; gosh, it would have been a moment of glorious TV.

However, we have our final 3 in JC, Tyler and Kaycee. Did Kaycee make a mistake? Yes, she should have taken out Tyler which would have been an epic move in the game, and take 2 virtual goats to the Final 3 in Angela and JC who she would defeat probably unanimously. For Kaycee, loyalty means everything and it might hurt her chances with the jury. So we have the first part HOH competition where Tyler wins easily, Kaycee wins the second part of the HOH just barely beating JC by 40 seconds. Wow, that would have been game-changing if JC had won because he would have had a shot at winning the third part of the HOH which is a guessing game.

For reasons I CANNOT fathom, Tyler is still egging JC to believe he will take him to the final 2, when in reality his goal is to take Kaycee. Tyler this is an epic mistake because JC specifically noted if you are not planning to take him to the final 2 to let him know so he is not blindsided. I guarantee if Tyler wins the final part of the HOH, which he should NOT, and he cuts JC, he loses his JC’s vote 100 percent. He will be bitter, blindsided, and feel duped by Tyler and will give his vote to Kaycee as a result.

The one moment all fans of the show including myself had been eagerly waiting for was the Jury Roundtable with the notable great, Dr. Will taking over festivities. Oh, it was a moment watching the jury’s reaction to seeing Angela walk into the ceremony. The merits of our final 3 are debated and things are quite contentions and arguments are made for all three which is quite valid to say the least.

This was so much fun to watch, as Angela’s arrival turned into a whirlwind of emotions and reactions. When the jury learned that JC won HOH, Scottie, Bayleigh, Fessy and Haleigh were jumping for joy. That easily tells me if JC was in the final 2 he would win hands down. The jury was stunned to learn about Level 6, but Sam learning about Tyler’s multiple final two deals did not help his situation.

Angela was advocating for Tyler a lot, which annoyed a lot of the jury. A lot of the jury members were not buying it, but Rockstar was advocating for JC, not Kaycee. Wow, I love that Rockstar gave credit to JC for being a puppeteer. Bayleigh gave credit to Tyler for his gameplay, that amazes me, and Brett acknowledging that Tyler made the move was impressive. The jury was indeed pissed with Tyler’s antics. This is amazing, the jury is not bitter like so many thought; this is anyone’s game to take. Tyler has a big chance of winning this game, and Kaycee does as well. The final HOH was a battle of memory from the jury, ugh, this is such a crapshoot that anyone can win; it’s a guessing game and like so many others I wish this was changed up. Looks like we are getting that with facts about the jury members not statements, and Tyler and Kaycee both know their facts, and we have a tiebreaker, with 6 points each. I’m on edge and I did not expect this, and we get a question that I immediately knew was around 3300 seconds, and Kaycee won, just 13 seconds away from the final answer, that is crazy!

Kaycee won 2 HOHs, 5 Power of Vetoes and the Hacker Competition that single handedly saved her alliance. I’ve been secretly rooting for Kaycee for a while now, but I have to give it to her. She is likable and she worked her tail off during the second half of the game. So Kaycee is front-and-center to make another big decision, as much as we’d all love to see her take out Tyler, it wasn’t going to happen, but I LOVED that JC advocated for him to try to save himself. He made very valid points, and if she was smart she would make the move, but her loyalty to Tyler may have cost her $500k.

JC came out on stage and realized he had been bamboozled. Jeez, Julie barely had a conversation with JC, what the hell?! Now it is time for the fun part: the jury questioning, and the opportunity to cast those votes. The jury was not too surprised to see that JC was the final juror, but it seemed everyone was rooting for him. Tyler was questioned about his strategic moves and he was able to convey the multiple final two deals that he made. He dropped that power app surprise, which he was trying to sell way too much. Kaycee did not rely solely on her strategic game and argued that her social game was vital. Julie made it clear to the final two about answering the questions concisely. Wow, Tyler apologized to Bayleigh, and I don’t think that helped his situation.

Kaycee was indeed struggling with his questions, but she argued that she was doing her best to have relationships with the other side of the house and when Sam posed her question to Tyler I felt that he wasn’t prepared for it, but he noted his super fan status. Loved Kaycee’s answer about being genuine with the juror members, but this is up in the air if you ask me. Neither knocked it out the pack. Kaycee stumbled a bit in her final plea, but she spoke with a ton of heart, a ton of heart and I loved that, but I will admit JC look perturbed to say a bit. Tyler STOP ALREADY talking about that power app and he is just rambling, talk from the heart. Tyler rambled a bit much in my opinion, where was the heart.

When the jurors voted, I was not as surprised as in the past, but Scottie’s comment had me worried cause ‘respect’ seemed to matter to him, the same with Haleigh who seemed undecided until the final speeches. JC seemed to make it clear that his vote was indeed bitter to say the least. I want to believe he said “quality over quantity.” Julie’s segment with the pre-jurors and the cast was fun; it seemed to be all about showmances: Angela and Tyler, Fessy and Haleigh and Swaggy and Bayleigh. Wait, is Swaggy about to propose to Bayleigh on national TV. It looked like a major moment, he literally proposed marriage on TV and she accepted. Only on “Big Brother” can such madness actually happen. Crazy!

How can you follow that up? Julie started to reveal the votes, it was a 4-4 vote, with Baylaigh casting the final vote for Kaycee to win the game. I never expected Haleigh and Fessy to split their votes. America’s Favorite Houseguest was Tyler, who seemed stunned by the news. It was a very emotional season ending for “Big Brother 20” which has been great. Tyler crying, Kaycee crying and Brett, Tyler and Haleigh making the top three for America’s Favorite player was icing on the cake. Loved this season, one of the best in a very long time! Can’t wait for “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Big Brother 21!”