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“Big Brother 20” Final Analysis

HOLLYWOOD—My summer guilty pleasure “Big Brother 20” has ended and now its times to re-evaluate, which has been one of the funniest seasons in...

“Big Brother 20” Crowns Its Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—Well after nearly 3 months, my summer guilty pleasure has come to an end. We were on a downward spiral for the past month,...

“Big Brother 20” Week 6 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—This may have been one of the most frustrating weeks for me as a “Big Brother” fan. The alliance you root for, the actual...

“Big Brother 20” Week 4 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Let me just say this; I hate rewind or non-eviction weeks on “Big Brother.” It slightly stalls the gameplay in my opinion, and the...

“Big Brother 20” Week 2 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—What a first week on “Big Brother 20” because fans were delivered a blindside and it was epic to say the least. All week...
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