HOLLYWOOD—Well, it looks like Level 6 is one of the best alliances I’ve seen in “Big Brother” history in a while because they are still managing to get what they want week after week. I was so hyped for the jury buyback. It took the house by storm, some of the HGs expected (at least that’s what they say), while others were totally thrown off their game to say the least. So last Thursday was big because Fessy was evicted by a vote of 4-1, but he gave a scathing eviction speech targeting Angela and I was living for it. Why?

Everyone wanted to throw Angela a pity party, but this is the same woman who dishes it, but can’t take it. It was about time someone gave her a taste of her own medicine. I think Angela is starting to realize she might not be that liked on the outside, not to mention that she is being portrayed as a total b**ch on television which is quite accurate. I always say if you want the houseguest to turn on allies, you have to paint the picture that they are puppets of someone else and incapable of playing their own game. It makes them question how they might be viewed not only in the house, but outside the house. I don’t think Brett liked what Fessy alluded to in regards to his relationship with Angela, neither did Tyler.

We had the jury battle back and I was utterly disappointed with the competition. Why? It was the same crap they recycled from the second double eviction from “Big Brother 19.” If you’re going to have a battle back, make it something where everyone has a fighting chance. I knew after seeing the comp either Fessy or Scottie would be returning to the house, and it was Scottie. It was nice to finally get a glimpse of the jury house, where Rockstar, Scottie and Bayleigh discussed their mistakes and who they would target, but not much strategy talk in my opinion America.

Scottie re-entered the house and everyone acted so excited (give me a break already)! It was totally fake, but how great would it have been if Fessy or Bayleigh would have walked back into that house. All I can say is that Angela, Brett, Tyler and JC would NOT have been happy to say the least and I would have been living for it. It was late, and I mean late before the next HOH competition transpired, which was the expected spinning disc endurance comp. Look I’m sick and tired of seeing this competition, it is outdated and old. Let’s do something fresh and new for once. Why can’t we get that endurance comp that we saw from BB6, the pressure cooker, or the spider web one from BB7 or heck I’d even take that comp from BB18 where Davonne, James and Bridget competed for over 6 hours! None of the endurance comps this season have lasted over 90 minutes, however, I was totally rooting for Haleigh and Scottie the entire time; we needed a shakeup in the house! However, after a long fought battle, Haleigh was knocked down and Tyler picked up his second HOH win.

I don’t think Tyler wanted that because it paints him as a comp threat going down the stretch and worse he could put himself in a position, where people start to realize they have to turn on him at some point. As expected, Haleigh and Scottie were nominations, where Tyler tried to play cutesy with his agenda. Of course, live feeders were well aware Tyler wanted Scottie to walk right back out that door, but trying to snow him Tyler could cost you. Why? Scottie actually wants to work with you, and this is the time where jurors can become bitter if you play them.

Just be honest about your agenda; people respect the game of a player who isn’t over the top about their antics. Tyler seems to have a thing for blindsides, but be careful, you reap what you sew. I can absolutely see Tyler getting to the final 3 and seeing him get cut by one of his closest allies in a betrayal he never saw coming, not to mention him being very bitter about it. This POV would be pivotal because if Scottie or Haleigh won, the other would absolutely be vacating the house, but it would also force Tyler to choose between JC and Sam as a replacement nominee.

That would have been fun to see, but Kaycee, was victorious with the veto for the second consecutive week. What do you know, the furniture actually is comp able, and is starting to build a resume, but is it enough for her to claim a victory. Hmm, I don’t know, she has to show she is willing to play the game for HERSELF and not her alliance. I do love the fact that the notion of a jury pact has spread through the house courtesy of Scottie and Foutte members currently in the jury house. Haleigh was surprised to hear that, but it also caused a bit of turmoil in the house. Its forcing the opposing side to start realizing they have to up their gameplay or completely adjust how they play the game otherwise they could face a bitter jury, and people need to get over it. You CANNOT FORCE people to vote how they want, that is the purpose of a jury! They have the right to vote how they choose and if they don’t vote for you then you did something wrong plain and simple.

Angela is absolutely realizing that because she played the game personally and it has greatly impacted her chance of winning the game against anyone. The only person I can actually see her beating in the end is Sam, but even then that is questionable especially if Sam goes on a comp run and let’s say takes out Angela and Tyler. She’d earn a ton of respect from the jury and viewers alike.

Tyler is starting to realize he might need to be a bit honest to his opponents instead of trying to snow them, which is what he is doing, and all these final twos that he has are about to start coming back to haunt him. Why? JC is running around like a paranoid mess. He is not happy one bit that Tangela are heating up. JC thinks he’s Tyler’s number 1 and has no clue that Tyler has other plans. Making the situation worse is the fact that JC seems infatuated with Tyler so much to the point that he isn’t playing to win the game.

However, I love this burgeoning relationship between Brett and JC. They are ready to make a move and split up Kaycee and Angela. At long last, the alliance is beginning to turn on each other. The question is I see Brett having the actual guts to make a move because he knows he is at the bottom of the alliance. Kaycee will need to show she is capable of thinking and doing for herself and JC needs to win something. He is quickly earning the ire of Haleigh, Sam, Angela and JC and could finally see himself hit the block next week or during the double eviction if he isn’t HOH or wins the POV. Ugh, his antics this past week nearly got him booted from the game, the kid is just downright annoying at this point, and he needs a taste of his own medicine. It’s time for JC to hit the block and feel a bit of heat.

This week looks like a revolving door with Scottie heading right back to the jury house after being voted back into the BB house. My only hope now is for a Haleigh HOH or for Brett to have the actual guts to make a move to go after Kaycee and Angela. I expect a double eviction come Thursday, September 13, and if it doesn’t happen then we could see a rare occurrence like BB8, where the double eviction didn’t occur until the final 6. That would indeed through the houseguests off their game.