HOLLYWOOD—It has been a whirlwind of a summer, and after nearly 14 weeks of mayhem, “Big Brother 21” has crowned a winner. Let me just say I was devastated with the outcome. I cannot recall the last time I was so disappointed with a final two since “Big Brother 12.” Yes, our final two is a showmance, Jackson and Holly. The one person I think most of America has been rooting for: Nicole, lost Part 1 and Part 2 of the HOH competition.

Our worst fears have come to fruition America; we’re stuck with Holly and Jackson for our Final 2. If Nicole is the gamer she claims to be she somehow would get inside the head of Jackson and Holly to convince them they cannot beat the other. Which I think holds true for both of them in an odd way. Jackson’s jury management has been horrid, and Holly is perceived as being Jackson’s lapdog. So in a Holly vs. Jackson final two, I absolutely can see Holly defeating Jackson, but on the flipside I can also see Jackson potentially sweeping Holly.

We were delivered an underwhelming part 1 of the final HOH that had an Indiana Jones style theme that screamed Jackson’s name all over it. He won Part 1, and Holly was victorious in Part 2 that was a ‘days’ competition that had a rock-climbing component to it. Why have the competitions be so physical of late? I mean where is the before and after competition, where is the face morph competition? It feels like the mental component of the game has dissipated more and more lately and that is a shame.

So Nicole was virtually locked out of the Final 3 HOH, that was of course a crapshoot, like always, but the frustrating element was realizing that Holly wasn’t picking up on the clues that she needed to take Nicole to the end if she wanted to win the game. You have a slim chance of beating Jackson and the fact that he’s gloating to you about his shoo-in victory should scream wonders to you. Holly is a character I cannot understand; it feels like she wants the money, but is so afraid of making Jackson upset or losing him in the process.

I think the only thing I was eager to see was the Jury Roundtable that was hosted by Dr. Will Kirby. Look, I love Dr. Will, but him hosting the Jury Roundtable is getting tired. Perhaps, utilize Will with another fan favorite, hmm, Danielle Reyes or Janelle Pierzina. Let’s have a bit of banter, let’s make things more exciting America! This was a crazy first. How? We got the Jury Roundtable within the first 5 minutes of the episode, when has this ever transpired. I cannot recall this ever happening.

The jury was surprised to see Cliff join them. Cliff shared the tea about Holly throwing the HOH to Nicole, and Jackson stabbing him in the back. Even the jury called out Cliff on thinking Jackson would honor a deal. Whoa, Kat was championing Jackson for being loyal and it enraged Analyse. Cliff gave kudos to Jackson for telling that lie. Cliff voiced what America wanted to hear: own your damn game, don’t be condescending or arrogant to people. Christie voiced it, Tommy voiced it, and Tommy was struggling with game and personal. So we’re getting highlights of the final three’s game in the eyes of the jury, oh, the series knows this finale is going to be predictable.

The jury’s debate on Holly and Nicole was interesting to say the least. Kat, Tommy and Christie noticed Nicole’s social game and ability to drop hints, but Nick seemed to think competitions seem to matter more than anything. Holly’s biggest issue was that no one saw her playing a spectacular game. She has no moves, but it was apparent that Analyse had a bigger voice than I’ve ever seen. I loved seeing Will call out Jack on his lack of social awareness. So it seems that Holly might have earned more respect from the jury than we thought.

Wow, Nicole seriously should have won Part 2 of the HOH, but she screwed up on the alien and clown day. Holly also struggled with clown day, but Holly triumphed over Nicole by more than 4 minutes. It was heartbreaking watching Nicole cry. Seeing Holly care about the money showed she is no idiot; Nicole pleaded a great case letting Holly know that she has a better chance against Nicole versus Michie.

The pacing in this finale is epic. The final HOH was a competition of luck and a crapshoot, with questions being asked about 3 statements jury members said, and discovering which one is false. Hmm, not something we haven’t seen before. I’m surprised Jackson and Holly are both doing exceptional at this comp. Michie won the final HOH with a perfect score. Both Holly and Nicole pleaded their case to Michie, but we all knew he was going to send Nicole to the jury, doing battle against Holly. Seeing Nicole choke up while being interviewed by Julie was so heartbreaking.

Time for the jury interrogation, and I was ready for these questions people. Cliff directed a question about jury management including that terrible goodbye message. Jackson didn’t stumble on those questions. Holly just doesn’t know how to be direct in questions. Michie was taken aback by his treatment of women, and I can tell that question annoyed him greatly. Holly, girl you are struggling a ton with answering these questions. Jackson delivered an exceptional final speech to the jury in my opinion, Holly went for jokes and some personal jabs at herself to the victory, and yet again, Julie had to cut Holly off!

Girl, you have to learn how to keep a speech short and sweet. Not too many quips during the votes, but we shall see. I do believe in my guy Jackson earned it as much as I despise the guy, he played a helluva game. I was eager to see the pre-jury’s comments about the game. Hearing “Big Brother” address the issue of bullying of Nicole in the HOH room was powerful, and seeing Ovi address the issue and Nicole showed once again why she is such a fan favorite was amazing TV. Seeing Kemi address the comments made about her by the houseguests, and then Jack, Christie and Jackson apologize was well worth such a predictable outcome. This is absolutely cringe-worthy to watch America, and Kemi’s stonewalled face screamed it all. The show seriously addressed the racism head on and it was brutal and brutal to watch. Nick was then put in the hot seat about his relationship with Bella. He was completely speechless, man I feel so sorry for this cast when they get on the outside.

After that mayhem, the votes were read and Michie was victorious 6-3 winning “Big Brother 21.” Man, Michie is an emotional mess. I have never seen a winner so sad to win the $500,000 prize. He looked like a deer in headlights. Now it is time for America’s Favorite Houseguest and the top three were: Cliff, Tommy and Nicole, but the winner was NICOLE! Ugh, I was hoping Kemi would have cracked the top 3, but Nicole took the win and she absolutely deserved it.

I’m really hoping for an all-stars season after this fiasco, which I think might be the case. “Big Brother” doesn’t want to have to address another situation like this one in the near future.